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Hypocritical Dem Mayor Spent Thousands of Dollars of Taxpayers’ Money on This Luxury

Hardworking American taxpayers have slammed Democrat Mayor LaToya Cantrell after it was discovered that she used taxes to fund luxurious trips.

According to reports, the mayor made demands for luxurious first-class trips and refused to repay the state for the hefty price tags attached to her demands.

Laura Rodrigue, the founder of Mama Bear Group, appeared on “Fox & Friends First” on Monday to speak about the mayor’s improper spending. 

Rodrigue said, “You compare the fact that $30,000 is just the difference in cost from a coach seat versus a first class, and the starting salary of our New Orleans Police Department is $40,000.”

She further noted that such funds could not just be wasted, especially at the moment, because democrats have made life in New Orleans almost unbearable. 

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She said, “So you have to take that into consideration when we are the murder capital of the country right now with… one of the lowest police department employment rates, we just cannot keep police officers.”

Rodrigue noted that letting the ethical misconduct of these democrats slide for so long has turned New Orleans into a laughingstock for the country. Seeing the city in such a state and the politicians living in luxury insulted the city and its taxpayers, who are struggling to make ends meet.

This year alone, the mayor has reportedly flown to different parts of the world in a luxurious style, spending over $30,000 of taxpayers’ money.

Rodrigue added that the mayor’s actions show that she is shameless and has gotten away with it for too long.

She said, “There is a complete disregard for the intelligence level of the citizens of Orleans Parish to think that any of us believe this… Women in New Orleans are most afraid to stop at a red light right now… you’re going to get carjacked.”

As Rodrigue asserted, the shameless mayor defended her ridiculously expensive trips, claiming that she only did it for safety purposes. 

She released a statement defending her expensive tastes.

“My travel accommodations are a matter of safety, not of luxury. As all women know, our health and safety are often disregarded, and we are left to navigate alone.”

Bringing out the race card, she reminded Americans how unsafe it is for black women worldwide, claiming that people questioning her choices do not know how she constantly needs to protect herself every day as a black woman.

However, Rodrigue dismissed the mayor’s claim as she asserted that the mayor was once again making a fool out of Americans. She added that Cantrell is shamelessly living off Americans and confidently declaring that she has a right to do so because she has been allowed to. 

Rodrigue concluded that the mayor could be declared a criminal as she had basically stolen from the people of New Orleans.

“It is technically a theft, the taking of something of value with the intent to permanently deprive it.”