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I was very disturbed: Bill Barr hassles Joe Biden over alleged ‘lie’

Bill Barr, the former Attorney General, slammed President Joe Biden on Monday, claiming he “lied” about the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has a wealth of emails regarding Hunter’s business transactions as well as explicit photographs.

“Even during the discussion, I was really offended that senator Biden misled the American people about the laptop. “He’s there in front of the laptop, and he suggests it’s Russian misinformation and points to the unfounded letter produced by some intelligence folks – which he knew was a fake,” Barr said on Fox News. “I was taken aback by that.”

According to the Daily Mail, Barr informed Trump, “Mr. President, I can’t comment about it, and I’m not going to.”
“Trump, on the other hand, was irritated by his tone. According to the Mail, Barr requested Trump to evaluate if the laptop belonged to one of his five children,” said report.

‘You see if that had been one of my children…’ According to the text, Trump began. Barr then abruptly ended his conversation. ‘Dammit, Mr. President, I’m not going to discuss Hunter Biden with you.’ ‘Period,’ Barr responded, according to the UK newspaper.

In October 2020, soon before the presidential election, the laptop’s existence was revealed. The mainstream media, as well as Biden, immediately questioned its veracity. That, according to Barr, is meddling with an election. “I can’t think of anything more when you’re talking about election meddling,” Barr said of Biden’s attempt to blame the Russians for the laptop stories.

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When asked if Biden would face legal issues, Barr declined to “chance a judgment.” The phony laptop narrative, though, may pose a political dilemma for the White House, according to Barr.

“They’re facing increasing pressure because they’ve generally refused to talk about it for the previous year and a half, and when they have, they’ve mostly dismissed it as false news or even Russian misinformation,” Phillips said. “Simone Sanders, a Biden campaign adviser, claimed anyone who shared the story was spreading ‘Russian propaganda,’ while White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki inferred the same on Twitter.”

The report was even referred to by President Biden as “a load of rubbish.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is in Brussels this week for summits.