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If Care is Not Taken, Liberalism Will Totally Ravage California

A reputation as a raving leftist extremist precedes Governor Gavin Newsom wherever he goes outside of California. On the other hand, within the confines of the state, he frequently serves as a moderating effect on the remainder of his party. 

Newsom recently exercised his veto power over a bill that was approved by the Democratic majority in the state law and would have authorized the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland to establish so-called “safe injection sites,” places where drug abusers could inject their drugs while being monitored by trained personnel. Newsom had indicated that he was open to the idea; however, in the end, he decided to reject it, citing a “world of unintended consequences” as his reason. It’s funny, because that could be the first time any Democrat in California has ever been concerned about something like that.

In any case, state Senator Scott Wiener, who has become the public face of the most harmful left-wing policies that the state has to offer, was one of the individuals who voted in favor of the bill. Also, in the name of transgender dogma, Wiener wants to make the state of California a refuge and a safe place for families who wish to castrate their kids physically or chemically mutilate them in order to conform to their ideals. Additionally, he was a leader in the movement to lessen the punishment for intentionally putting others at risk of contracting HIV. Additionally, he “joked” at one point about including the course “Drag Queen 101” in the K-12 curriculum and advocated for children as young as 12 to receive doses of the COVID-19 vaccination without the consent of their parents.

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There is a solid reason why Newsom has become the public face of the liberal ideology that is failing in California. But because he is the public face of the state, even he is required to occasionally act as though he cares about his constituents. In addition to overruling this bill, he has made some localities feel some pressure to take a more aggressive stance against crime. Recently, he made an effort to extend the life of California’s only remaining nuclear facility, which is the state’s only prospect of coming even near to reaching its climate targets.

However, politicians like Wiener are the driving force behind California’s harmful legislation. They support in the name of “equity” and “tolerance” all of those measures that are converting California communities into glorified landfills, and they do this from the comfortable liberal seats that they hold. 

The next governor of California will be even more liberal than the one before him. Newsom’s successor may be more open to liberal outlandish ideas that legislators like Wiener are in favor of. 

If you considered the state’s shortcomings and believed that the situation couldn’t grow any worse, you would be mistaken. It is up to the people of California to decide whether they want to make a change or see how far the Golden State may fall until it is considered to have reached its absolute lowest point.