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Illegal Iraqi Alien That Asked for Asylum Plotted To Kill Former President

52-year-old Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab came to America on a visitor visa in 2020. He was welcomed with open arms by our country, and then in March of 2021, he applied for asylum. While he was in the United States, he lived in Columbus, OH, and Indianapolis. In both places, he worked at different markets and restaurants. How he was able to work on a visitor’s visa is still a mystery. Additionally, how he was allowed to remain in the country for months on end before being deported is unknown.

Tuesday, he was arrested for a plot to assassinate former president George W. Bush in an ungrateful twist to the country he stayed in for so long. The FBI uncovered the story by using two different FBI informants and monitoring his WhatsApp. He claimed to be part of “Al-Raed” or “Thunder,” which is a terrorist group led by a former Iraqi pilot, and that as many as seven members were currently in the US or that would be in the US soon. He intended to illegally bring in more Iraqi nationals from various countries worldwide through the open US-Mexico border. This points to our southern border as an extreme security risk that the Biden administration intends to do nothing about. To their credit, the FBI caught wind of this plot and worked with a confidential source to see if Shihab was serious. In 2021 a confidential source worked with Shihab and the FBI to bring his “brother” to the United States. The brother was not blood kin. He outlined how he would pay $40,000 to get the job done through the southern border. The final payment of $20,000 was handed over at a Starbucks in Ohio, which Shihab brought four days before Christmas in 2021.

His motives for killing Bush were because he believed that George W. Bush was responsible for the devastation in Iraq during the war in 2003. Shihab traveled with an FBI informant to Dallas in February and took video of Bush’s home and the office of President Bush in the Institute of Southern Methodist University, according to The US attorney’s office for Ohio. He later went to a hotel with that confidential source in Columbus, OH, to examine various firearms and border patrol uniforms. The informant provided the materials to Shihab, and the secret source obtained them from the FBI to prove that Shihab was a danger.

Senator Ted Cruz stated that this was evidence we needed a more secure US-Mexico border. It is further evidence that immigration laws need to be enforced more strictly. How long can someone stay in the country with a visitor’s visa? Authorities claim that Shihab is a member of ISIS. He has been charged with aiding and abetting the attempted murder of a former president and for immigration crimes due to his attempts to bring in illegal aliens.

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