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Insanity: MSNBC Wackjobs Continue Calling Trump a “Fascist”, Wringing Hands about “Dictators”

The lefties in the media just can’t get over the bad orange man and the bad orange things he did while being the bad orange president, reverting to the “fascist” and “dictator” slurs of 2016…after being the same ones that cheered dozens of American Stasi agents raiding his home and tearing through his bedroom. Apparently “our democracy” is better than fascism because our secret police wear windbreakers instead of trench coats when harassing the political opposition.

In any case, MSNBC’s very own Tiffany Cross was one such hack pushing that “fascist” line during one of her rambles, saying:

I think that Trumpism can be defeated by Americans standing up and voting against fascism and authoritarianism in the upcoming midterms.”

A general rule is that it’s not “fascism” or whatever if all it takes is a midterm vote to get out of it, but, in any case, Cross continued, saying:

“I think that is what Democrats need to put on the belt, as well as all the policy initiatives that they are putting forward, like climate change and infrastructure and lowering drug costs for Americans.

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“Well, the Republican Party is hell-bent on anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ legislation and spreading the big lie. It is very clear who is working for the American people and who is working against them. Democrats need to make clear. I think we can beat Trumpism if we all show up in the way that we repudiated against him in 2020.

And as if that weren’t ridiculous enough for MSNBC, Rick Tyler went ahead and declared that dictators would “see democracy isn’t really all it is cracked up to be” after January 6th, saying:

“I think absolutely, every dictator around the world, including in Russia and China, will look at these events in January six and see democracy isn’t really all it is cracked up to be.”

Yes, because Putin and Xi would love “our democracy” and view a failing nation unable to decide if men are women or not as perfectly successful if only some guy in a buffalo hat hadn’t wandered around the Senate.

Then he went on to ramble about the “peaceful transition of power,” ignoring all the while that part of 2020 where Democrats lit America’s cities on fire, saying:

“What’s happened here, for 222 years, when John Adams became president, and we had a peaceful transfer of power from George Washington, 222 years, we had an impeccable, flawless record of presidents succeeding power to whether they were people of their own party or from another party.

“Donald Trump destroyed that record, and now we are facing all these ideas, even the idea that violence is going to solve these problems. It is interesting. The Texas county, which there were threats to election officials, Trump won that county by 79%. It is absurd to think that there is some kind of idea that this election count it was corrupt and was stealing votes from Donald Trump in a state or Donald Trump won handily. I don’t think there is any room for political violence. In fact, I would like to see legislation making political violence tantamount to a hate crime.”

So, all in all, the usual from the wackjobs as MSNBC.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List