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“It Means Poverty”: Tucker Trashes Green New Deal [WATCH]

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the utter insanity that has gripped Europe ever since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, energy prices across the “green” Western European countries have skyrocketed as the rulers of those countries continue pressing home US economic attacks on Russia despite largely relying on it for fossil fuels, particularly natural gas.

And so Western Europeans have been suffering under hugely increased energy costs. Now, many are staring impoverishment and bitter cold in the face as costs rise precipitously and inflation eats away at the value of what income and savings they do have, limiting their ability to respond to the dramatically increased costs.

Some have even resorted to pre-modern methods of heating, relying on burning wood to stay warm in a way Europeans largely haven’t since Victoria’s time and the rise of coal as a heating source.

Such is what Tucker Carlson called out during a recent monologue, taking the green energy and Russia sanctions craziness to task while explaining what suffering is sure to result in the birthplace of Western civilization thanks to delusional policies. In his words:

So, the most advanced continent on the planet, the birthplace of Western civilization, our civilization, is getting much poorer very quickly. It’s moving backward at high speed. Just a year ago, Europe was a modern place. For example, the overwhelming majority of Europeans heated their homes with natural gas, as modern people do.  

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In Germany, the continent’s richest country, only about 6% of households, most of them rural, heated with cordwood and you’d expect that, given that, again, Germany is a modern industrialized country with central heating and indoor plumbing and all the other trappings of a society that has moved beyond the medieval period.

Last year, only about 6% of Germans used wood to heat their homes, but that has changed dramatically. Demand for firewood in Germany has risen so fast that there is none left to buy. You can’t get it, so desperate Germans are now cutting their own wood, scouring the forests like their ancestors for sources of heat.

Julius Caesar is calling, he wants the Germania of his day back.

And what is to blame for that suffering? According to Tucker, it’s the Green New Deal that’s to blame. It’s what is impoverishing Europe, what has led to higher energy costs, and what is the cause of Germans having to scrounge for firewood despite living in a country with massive coal deposits that could be easily used to produce power that easily and cheaply heats their homes.

So, in Tucker’s view of things, the green energy sources on which those nations would like to rely cannot and will not ever satisfactorily replace fossil fuels, so by attempting to rely on them and Russian gas and then attacking Russia economically and incurring its wrath, the Western Europeans brought about their own impoverishment and regression to pre-modern times.

He essentially said as much in a brilliant part of his monologue, highlighting the failure of “green” energy and the massive costs of the Green New Deal, saying:

Green energy cannot replace fossil fuels. Not now, not anytime soon. Fossil fuels remain what they have always been: the key to civilization. That is true now. That has been true since Homo Erectus started the first cooking fire in a cave nearly a million years ago. So-called green energy is not close, is nowhere near replacing gas and oil and coal. It’s measurable. We could have known this. Anyone with eighth-grade math skills could have figured out in about 10 minutes that we cannot replace fossil fuels with renewables or green energy and of course, they must have known that. When they told you otherwise, it was just posturing. It was childish and destructive fantasy talk that apparently fooled millions of their citizens and millions of hours.  

The Green New Deal means what it always meant. It means poverty and the people pushing the Green New Deal must have known that all along. They don’t actually believe climate change is an imminent threat. If they actually believe climate change was an imminent threat, an existential emergency, the first thing they would have done, the very first would be to ban private jets. Oh, but no. To this day, Al Gore still flies on private jets. Barack Obama owns tens of millions of dollars of beachfront property. He knows the oceans aren’t rising. Come on. So, they’re all in on it. It’s a scam, but they don’t care because they know they personally will escape the consequences of their own policies. 

Watch him here:

At least Tucker is willing to speak the truth.

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Image credit: Twitter Screencap of Tucker’s monologue