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It’s No Wonder These Terrorist and Dictators are Making Their Move With Spineless Biden in Office

“America is back” was one of the first things Joe Biden said when he was elected president. Since he took power, however, all he has accomplished is to give terrorists and authoritarians newfound confidence.

According to reports published in the Washington Post, intelligence experts revealed to President Joe Biden that Russian President Vladimir Putin believed the United States was “chastened by the humiliating” pullout from Afghanistan. This belief was one of the considerations for Putin’s choice to invade (redacted).

Biden has already bolstered Russia’s position by halting the transfer of weapons to (redacted) and rejecting the imposition of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project. The actions taken by Biden gave Russia a stronger negotiating position in Europe. When you combine this with the fact that Biden betrayed American allies and citizens living in Afghanistan by handing them over to the Taliban, it’s easy to see why Putin was under the impression that he could simply walk into (redacted) while Biden was in office and be met with little more than a letter of reprimand.

Due to the hasty and disorganized departure from Afghanistan, the Americans who fled Kabul were forced to place their fate in the hands of the Taliban. Because of this, a suicide bomber was able to kill thirteen members of the United States military. The government incorrectly assumed that a humanitarian relief worker was involved in the incident, so President Biden aggressively reacted by using a drone to kill the worker. The drone attack ordered by Biden resulted in the deaths of seven children and two adults.

Is it any wonder that Putin had doubts about the ability and conviction of the leadership in the United States?

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The Taliban was instantly encouraged by Biden’s weakness, and they quickly began executing officials of the Afghan government from the previous administration. The Taliban did not even earn a formal letter for breaching the vow they would never keep. Instead, Biden’s State Department merely reiterated how “concerned” it was with the Taliban’s behavior and how the global community was very displeased with them.

Biden has not done much better in his dealings with other totalitarian countries. Throughout his whole political career, he has taken a lenient stance toward China, and his government has given policy about climate change a higher priority than the homicidal regime in China’s violation of human rights. In addition, to bring down the cost of gas, President Biden has eased sanctions placed on the socialist government of Venezuela and removed limits imposed on the communist dictatorship in Cuba.

Because President Biden views diplomacy not as a means to an end but rather as the aim itself, this only encourages those who engage in unjust behavior. Others take notice of what may be gotten away with under the administration of Biden. Authoritarian governments like Russia and China have only gotten stronger and braver during the time Biden was in office, while “America’s back” has been turned to our neighbors and allies.