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Joe Biden misleads: Megyn Kelly clashes with former candidate

Megyn Kelly clashed with former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson in a recent video. Willsonson was defending President Joe Biden despite the low approval ratings, inflation, and a plethora of other problems in America and across the globe.

WATCH Megyn Kelly call out Biden on video:

The most notable quote during Kelly’s scorching of President Joe Biden was when she said this: “We see Joe Biden do things like the eviction moratorium, which he knew, he knew was unlawful. And the same thing with the mandate on the vaccines, he knew it was going to get struck down but he did it anyway…  If we’re going to be based in reality, let’s be based in reality. And this president misleads us at every turn — and the media misleads us at every turn. When it comes to media when it comes to ‘Russiagate,’ I mean, and we’re supposed to just look at the ‘orange man bad’ and blame it all on him?”

Williamson seemed grounded in her defense of Joe Biden, but it didn’t look very good for the former presidential candidate who ran as a Democrat in 2020. However, her run for president did not last long.

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According to Wikipedia: On January 10, 2020, Williamson announced she had ended her presidential campaign. She pledged to support the eventual Democratic nominee, but later announced her endorsement for Bernie Sanders at a February 23 rally in Austin, Texas.”