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Judge Makes Big Announcement About Release Of Documents Concerning Trump Raid

A judge in the state of Florida has ordered that at least some of the documents that are related to the FBI raid that was done at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate be unsealed.

If you listen real close you can almost hear the sweat leaking from the pores of the individuals involved in this farce as they await judgment by the people of this country for the weaponization of federal agencies against a former sitting president.

Justice will be served this November when a red wave slams down on the progressive dolts in Congress who were no doubt thrilled about this whole development and investigations into this matter and many others are launched by Republicans in control of both chambers.

According to Just the News, U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart stated that the affidavit concerning the raid should not be entirely sealed. The federal government has been given a week to submit the proposed redactions, which will then be reviewed by Reinhart, Fox News said.

Here’s more from Just the News:

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Reinhart, who approved the original warrant for the FBI’s raid last week, also stated that if the media or the government object to his proposed redactions, they are able to file an appeal.

The government argued that unsealing the affidavit would “provide a roadmap” of the ongoing investigation. Prosecutor Jay Bratt said the country is in a “volatile” state and releasing the names of those involved in the probe may “chill” other witnesses.

“This is not a precedent we want to set,” he stated.

This whole mess is scary. For the first time, we’ve seen the federal government take its own agencies and turn them against a former president, likely because they see him as a threat to the current administration. If this is indeed the truth, it means that the FBI was used as a weapon to take down President Joe Biden’s potential political opposition.

If that’s not an abuse of power, what is?

And Biden is certainly no stranger to abuses of power.

I think we all remember when Biden was vice president and bragged about how he used his political clout to push the government of Ukraine to remove a prosecutor who was investigating corruption in Burisma, an energy firm where his son, Hunter, was on the board.

It’s not surprising that folks within this administration would be launching attacks on Trump as he’s the biggest threat to the political establishment of both parties. He’s a man who stands on principle and listens to the people who voted him into office.

He destroyed the paradigm that had long been established by the old hat politicians of both parties who had comfortably settled into a status quo of compromise and had accepted the fact that neither side would really ever make headway.

The reason he’s a threat to the progressive agenda is the same reason the left views regular Americans as a threat. We believe in freedom and accountability for public servants.

If you ever want to give a politician the willies, just say “accountability,” in his or her presence.