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Just in! Poll Reveals That Trump Will Beat Sleeping Joe in Pennsylvania

Recent polls have confirmed that Trump’s influence surpasses that of Biden around the United States. This is several years after the former president left his seat. 

The polls show that if both men should have a rematch come 2024 for the presidential seat, the kingmaker would again become king himself. 

According to these polls by Emerson College, there is hardly any competition between the republican former president and the Democratic president. Trump’s influence continues to prove itself, and regardless of whatever election misconduct occurs this time, the victor, according to these polls, would be the Republican politician, Donald Trump.

Just like in the last presidential election, if these two should re-emerge as the selected aspirants for their parties, Trump would most likely recover the presidential seat.

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The polls show that Trump would gather forty-seven percent of the votes in this election. Only forty-two percent would support the Democratic president. Eight percent of the voters decided to go with other candidates from other parties, while the remaining three percent could not decide who they might vote for.

In addition, the poll finds that the former president leads Biden across the nation. He leads Biden across the nation with 46 percent of the votes to himself and 43 percent for Biden. Around the nation, the poll finds that Biden holds forty percent approval ratings at most.

The survey asked the people of Pennsylvania if the recent raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home would affect their voting decisions in supporting Trump. Twenty-eight percent of the voters said the raid would make no difference in their voting decisions. Thirty-four percent of the surveyed people said they would be less likely to vote in support of the former president after the raid. However, thirty-eight percent said the raid made them more likely to vote for Donald Trump after the FBI’s raid.

The poll also asked about the midterm elections, with 92% of respondents saying they were “very motivated” to participate in the November contests.

This recent poll contrasts a former poll that was conducted in August 2019. Then, 55 percent of the surveyed voters supported Biden over Trump. Those 55% had said they would not vote for Trump. Another 38 percent said they would only vote for Trump if he ran against Hillary Clinton. 

Then, they expressed concerns about many of the former president’s policies, especially immigration and healthcare. However, it seems these people have seen the light now as Biden has taken a 180 on Trump’s policy, almost ruining the nation.

The people who voted against Biden in this poll now expressed concern over the American economy as the democratic president has failed in his duty to protect America.

45 percent of these voters were worried about how Biden is ruining the economy, and 14 percent were disturbed about the abortion access and even sponsorship around democrat-run cities in America. 10 percent were worried about the increasing crime rate in these same cities, and another 9 percent were worried about the healthcare sector. The remaining 6 percent were worried about both education and immigration. 

With the Biden administration, it seems every American is worried about everything, and the president doesn’t seem to care. Democracy indeed!