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Kinzinger the RINO’s TDS Gets Worse, Now He’s Attacking Tom Cotton

GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger was, for whatever reason, infected with one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome of all time. Whereas the Democrats hated Trump and ranted about him as a way of stirring up their base and RINOs of the Liz Cheney and Jeb! Bush mold hated him for going after the George W. Bush Administration with a vengeance, Kinzinger just hates Trump because he hates Trump.

Unlike the Democrats, he gets nothing out of the adversarial relationship. Unlike the Cheneys or Bushes, he has no blood-soaked legacy to defend. Unlike Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, he doesn’t even have a prospect of being one of the main RINO politicians and throwaway nominees in 2024.

Rather, he just hates Trump and has ruined his career by going after Teflon Don and the MAGA base, making him one of the most despised figures within the GOP because of the vengeance with which he has gone after his supposed friends while turning a blind eye to the excesses and depredations of his supposed political opponents.

But, ignoring the hate, Kinzinger has continued to ratchet up his Trump hatred, now going so far as to start attacking other Republican politicians aligned with the former president.

Most recently he did so by appearing on CNN and attacking one of the more conservative Republican senators, Senator Tom Cotton. Speaking about Cotton, Kinzinger said:

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“Let me tell you how he’s thinking. He thinks it is cool to be in front of the base and be, like, ‘I’m not even watching the hearing, guys. I’m too cool to watch the hearings, but I already have my mind made up.’ Frankly, that probably works in the base.

“Tom Cotton has built a reputation on acting like the toughest guy on the planet, but he can’t even put in front of his eyes, you know, a narrative which may challenge his soul that he will have to go tell his people the truth. Republicans that are watching — let me tell you this: every one of your leaders that refuse to tell you that the election wasn’t stolen, Joe Biden is a legitimate president, and that Trump has poisoned our country — anyone that refuses to tell you, that doesn’t believe it, which is 99% of them, they’re abusing you, they’re lying to you, and you should throw them out with anger because you need leaders that tell you the truth.”

Continuing his monologue, Kinzinger went on to present himself and Liz Cheney as the only two people willing to stand up for “the truth”, saying:

You can be ticked at me, be ticked at Liz Cheney all you want, fine. We can take it. We’re telling you the truth. The people that are lying to you, they may pat you on the head and make you feel good, but they’re abusing you, stealing your money, all to stay in power.

I have no sympathy for people like Tom Cotton or anybody else like Kevin McCarthy that lies to the base voter.

Sure they are, Adam. The delusions of grandeur are strong in this one.