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Latest Poll Shows Huge Changes In Texas Gubernatorial Race Featuring Greg Abbott And Beta O’Rourke

Republican incumbent governor Greg Abbott has taken a commanding lead over Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke ahead of the November general elections. According to Blueprint Polling, Abbot currently sits atop O’Rourke by a staggering 19 percentage points, leading 56% to 37%. 

Abbott had recently been shown leading by a slimmer margin of just 46% to 39% a month prior.

Polling was conducted between June 8-10 and among 603 respondents, 93% of whom indicated they were absolutely voting and 7% of whom said they were likely voting.

At the time it happened, some pundits suggested O’Rourke effectively ended his campaign when he brazenly and selfishly chided Governor Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, and other local Uvalde officials at a school gymnasium shortly after the massacre at the town’s elementary school. Rather than create space for grieving kin, O’Rourke made a flashy show about how Republicans didn’t care about dead kids.

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That might certainly have reminded voters of how fraudulent and self-serving O’Rourke is; it might also just be that Texans have long seen through the lies of Democrats. In 2016, Abbott likewise won the race with a commanding lead, besting Democrat Wendy Davis by twenty points, 60% to 40%. In 2010, Rick Perry handedly defeated challenger Bill White 55% to 42%,

Interestingly, the same poll that found voters overwhelmingly rejecting the failed presidential candidate who once said “hell yeah” he wanted to take away everyone’s guns, over 60% of those polled suggested they were in favor of more restrictive access to guns.

Blueprint Polling noted:

“Texas voters overwhelmingly support tighter gun purchase statutes. Last week, we asked Texans about state gun purchase laws and recorded a 62% majority in favor of more restrictive gun purchase laws—putting the masses in this traditionally gun- loving state as slightly more pro-gun control than the nation as a whole.

On this broader question, we also found surprising support among traditionally solid Second Amendment advocates: 37% of self-described Republicans, 31% of pro-Trump 2024 voters, and 39% of pro Abbott voters. As expected, Democrats were at a solid 87%, with Independent voters at 73% support for more restrictive gun purchase laws.”

The same question tallied just 31% of respondents saying they were good with what was currently being done. To be sure, background checks are already the law of the eland, as is a minimum age to make purchases.

Still, Blueprint went on to note that a decisive bloc of Texans supported far more than has been offered and are seemingly in agreement with some of the most severe pushes yet to restrict access to guns. 

Blueprint continued with its analysis of its polling results:

“Four in five Texans we surveyed supported universal background checks and 77% favored raising the age of gun purchase to 21. More than seven inten supported laws allowing family members, coworkers, or law enforcement to ask a judge to temporarily remove guns from someone who might be a danger to others or themselves.”

The push for so-called red flags, even in a 2A sanctuary like Texas, should concern all of us. If J6 has shown us anything, it’s that political imprisonment is a real thing in America. Support of Trump is currently being compared to seiditon. How long before casting a ballot for a conservative, America-first candidate will disqualify us from owning firearms and defending ourselves?

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She is a contributing author at Trending Political News and writes regularly at The Blue State Conservative.