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Leftists Cry as Manchin Kills Green New Deal…Again!

The histrionics continue in leftists’ circles as Democrats and climate activists accused Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) of imperiling the planet when he refused to sign off on the bankrupting and pork-ladened Green New Deal. The West Virginia Senator objected to the economic package’s climate and energy programs as well as its raising of taxes on wealthy Americans.

Manchin the ‘bill killer’ also refused to support President Brandon’s “Build Back Better” plan despite Democrat’s attempts to lure him into the fold and sat through months of negotiations with his own party.

Sam Runyon, Manchin’s spokeswoman, released a statement explaining the senator’s rationale for killing the bill and insisting he has not completely abandoned negotiations, saying that:

“Political headlines are of no value to the millions of Americans struggling to afford groceries and gas as inflation soars to 9.1 percent. Senator Manchin believes it’s time for leaders to put political agendas aside, re-evaluate and adjust to the economic realities the country faces to avoid taking steps that add fuel to the inflation fire,” as reported by Breitbart.

The planet’s swan song is due to climate change, according to the left-wing “New York Times”, who touted Brandon’s “ambitious climate agenda,” as the solution to this made-up existential threat, calling it “the largest single federal investment in American history toward addressing the toll of climate change.”

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Sleepy Joe’s goal of cutting U.S. emissions in half is so ambitious that the only way to achieve it is through this arrogant and unproven series of policies and programs that Manchin argued would hurt the both the big and little guys. For some reason, Brandon and Co. believe that we mere mortals can outmaneuver Mother Nature and control natural climate fluctuations.  The “Times” added that “[the] target was aimed at keeping the planet to stabilize the climate at about 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming compared to preindustrial levels.”

Democrats thought they had Manchin and believed they had reached a deal until he killed it at the 11th hour, reportedly leaving Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his staff “shellshocked,” and others “seething with anger” over Manchin’s watering down the bill, as reported by Breitbart via the “Times.”

Some no-name senator called Ron Wyden (D-OR) weighed in on Manchin’s decision, telling the “Times” in dramatic fashion that Manchin may have helped sabotage the last and only way to prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change:

“We can’t come back in another decade and forestall hundreds of billions — if not trillions — in economic damage and undo the inevitable human toll,” Wyden told the outlet. “If we can’t move forward as we had hoped, we need to salvage as much of this package as possible. The expression that failure is not an option is overused, but failure really is not an option here.”

But this language falls short of full-on woke craziness, as Leah Stokes, a professor of environmental policy at the University of California Santa Barbara, claimed she “sobbed on Thursday night” after learning that Manchin killed the Green New Deal, especially since she had put many hours into helping Democrats draft legislation, for which she no doubt got paid well.

“The stakes are so high,” she said. “It’s just infuriating that he is condemning our own children.”

It’s unclear how a bloated, unneeded, piece of socialist legislation was set to protect children rather than sentence them to needless regulation and government overreach that would have prevented them from living the American Dream.