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Liberal Wingnut Joy Behar Blames Lauren Boebert For Colorado Springs Shooting; The Reason Why Is Really Stupid

Liberal nutjob Joy Behar, co-host of the liberal echo chamber “The View,” is blaming the Saturday night shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on a 2021 Christmas photo taken by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Apparently the hamster in Behar’s brain has officially fallen off the wheel. Ever notice how these shootings are never the fault of the depraved lunatics who pull the trigger?

“Behar was discussing the shooting — which took place at Club Q, an LGBTQ establishment — with Colorado’s Democrat Governor Jared Polis, who is the nation’s first openly gay governor. Her argument was that whatever else set mass shootings apart from each other, the one thing they all had in common was the gun,” the Daily Wire reported.

“Well, the one thing, Governor, that all these things have in common is the gun,” Behar pointed out, adding, “The guns, I mean, they all have those AR-15s.”

“Lauren Boebert, the congresswoman in your state, posts pictures — Christmas pictures of her and her husband and her kids holding these guns,” Behar went on to say. “That’s a very bad message to send to people, especially to children, but that’s my own little aside here because that really makes me nuts.”

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Boebert posted the picture at the center of Behar’s bizarre theory in response to a post from Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who had published a photo of his family, well-armed, sitting all cozy by the Christmas tree.

Boebert then replied with a now-deleted post of her own family posing in similar fashion by their own Christmas tree.

“The Boeberts have your six, @RepThomasMassie,” she stated in the tweet, adding, “(No spare ammo for you though).”

As you can probably already guess, as soon as both of these posts hit the Internet, liberals foamed at the mouth and released their hounds on both conservative representatives. Some of these brain dead losers compared the families to radical militant Islamist groups.

Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth, also from Kentucky, smashed Massie, saying, “I promise not everyone in Kentucky is an insensitive a**hole.”

That’s true, Rep. Yarmuth. Not everyone in the state is an a-hole. But you certainly are. That much we can see.

“I’m old enough to remember Republicans screaming that it was insensitive to try to protect people from gun violence after a tragedy,” Yarmuth added. “Now they openly rub the murder of children in our faces like they scored a touchdown. Disgraceful.”

Fred Guttenberg, the father of a Parkland shooting victim and advocate for gun control also posted a response to Massie, comparing the family to the family of the shooter who had rocked the state of Michigan just a few days earlier.

@RepThomasMassie, since we are sharing family photos, here are mine. One is the last photo that I ever took of Jaime, the other is where she is buried because of the Parkland school shooting. The Michigan school shooter and his family used to take photos like yours as well,” he remarked.

Again, rather than place the blame on the person who pulled the trigger, the left always points the finger at conservatives due to their support for the Second Amendment. No matter what outside influences might have impacted the shooter, that individual is responsible for their own actions.

You do not take away the rights of law abiding citizens over the actions of a few criminals. Period.