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“Literally Save Our Democracy”: Slow Joe Biden Rambles about “Our Democracy” [WATCH]

Someone within the White House must have a brain mushier than the oatmeal that our senile president chows down on in the morning, as they decided to let him give a speech in front of a crowd.

While letting Joe out of the basement is a risky proposition under even the best of circumstances, this time it was even less ideal than usual, as Slow Joe decided to start rambling about whatever was floating through the last few functional cells in his brain.

At one point, Biden started talking (predictably) about how voters need to rally to the Democratic Party to save “our democracy,” as the Democrats now love to do whenever they need a stock phrase to attack Republicans over the head with and pretend that they’re evil for not supporting some absurd leftist policy or fiscally insane handout.

And so it was the phrase Biden used to try and rally voters fed up with him and his disaster of an economy around the Democratic Party for November, saying:

“It’s not hyperbole. Now you need to vote to literally save democracy again. Look, I believe America is at a genuine inflection point. It occurs every six or seven generations in world history. One of the moments that changes everything.

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“Americans are going to have to choose. You have to choose. Will we will be a country that moves forward or backward? Will we build a future or obsess over the past? Will we be a nation of hope, of unity, of optimism? Not a nation of anger, hatred, and division.”

Sounds great, Joe, but there’s a problem: your party isn’t the one that’s going to be creating that beautiful vision of the future.

While getting on with things and moving towards a brilliant future somehow brighter than even our glorious past would be wonderful, we can’t do that right now because your party is busy egging on the BLM and Antifa loons that burned down cities, are transing the kids that would be the adults of that wonderful future, and have abandoned rule of law in an attempt to tear down the bad orange man.

So, though Biden might be rambling about some utopian vision of America and mindlessly repeating the empty, petty slogans that one of his speechwriters must have thought sounded nice and wrote down to make his speech cheery, there’s little behind his rant about “our democracy” and call to protect it.

Rather, it seems like he was just doing the typical thing: using some empty phrase in an attempt to attack Republicans and make them sound as bad as possible without offering even the slightest of ideas about how to actually fix the major problems in America.

Meanwhile, the rest of the speech went predictably poorly and headachingly badly, with things only picking up when, at one point, a heckler was thrown out by the goons controlled by Mr. “Our Democracy”.

Oh, and Biden brought up “our democracy” again when attempting to smear Republicans, saying:

The MAGA republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and economic security. They’re a threat to our very democracy. They refused to accept the will of the people, they embrace, embrace political violence. They don’t believe in democracy”

Watch that here:

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