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Liz Cheney Begs WY Dems to Save Her Career

Desperate Liz Cheney must see the writing on the wall regarding her political career as she has resorted to asking (begging?) registered Democrats to switch parties so they can vote for her in the Wyoming August Republican primary.

The Wyoming Republican rep’s team sent a direct mailer to the state’s Democrat voters listing instructions on how they can change their party affiliation to cast a vote for Cheney. Cheney is suffering in the polls in the congressional race, down 28 points to attorney Harriet Hageman who has received the endorsement of Donald Trump. Cheney’s mailer also directs voters to a website to learn more about her platform and voting record.

However, Wyoming Democrats are not expected to bring Cheney her much cherished and needed win, as there are not enough in the state to help her.

Joseph Barbuto, Chair of the Wyoming Democrat Party, received Cheney’s direct mail piece. In an interview with the New York Times, as reported by Breitbart, he revealed what the mailer said and surmised that Cheney’s idea to court the state’s Democrat voters is likely to fail.

“Even if every Democrat in the state switched over,” he stated, “I don’t think it’d be enough to help her.”

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As Breitbart reports, Wyoming has about four times more registered Republican voters than Democrats. According to the Wyoming secretary of state’s office, Republicans increased voter registration over Democrats by 1,689 between the months of January and June. Democrat and unaffiliated voter registrations sunk by 1,303.

Apart from wallowing in desperation, Cheney has also revealed herself to be a flip-flopper.

In an interview with the New York Times in February, she said that she had no plans to campaign for Democrat votes, although she never ruled it out entirely: “That is not something that I have contemplated, that I have organized, or that I will organize,” Cheney told the newspaper.

But the 28-point spread between her and Hageman seems to have changed her mind.

Good ol’ Liz is no stranger to dirty political tactics.  A political advertising agency with left-wing ties promoted Cheney to Democrats just this May. Among the groups this agency is affiliated with are President Biden’s campaign team, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter, three darlings of the left.  The agency sent out an email to Wyoming residents saying:

“We’re currently working on a new project in Wyoming, where we’re asking for people to explain why Liz Cheney is their ideal representative, regardless of their party affiliation,”

Cheney is barely a resident of Wyoming and has few demonstrable ties to the state. She was born in Wisconsin and spends little time in the state she represents, choosing to stay in Washinton D.C., where she is now overseeing Nancy Pelosi’s sham grandstanding Jan 6 hearings. Her siding with Democrats on key issues, particularly voting to impeach President Donald Trump, has alienated her from her core demographic and the Wyoming GOP who voted to no longer recognize her as a Republican. She was also removed as GOP conference chair and censured by the party for her repeated abandoning of the GOP for Democrats.

Hageman has not minced words when it comes to the incumbent rep. In an interview with Breitbart news, she said, “Liz Cheney has lost Wyoming. Liz Cheney doesn’t live in Wyoming. She doesn’t represent us. She doesn’t represent our values.”

In addition to Trump’s endorsement, Hageman has also received an official endorsement from House minority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), an unusual step for a minority leader to take.

It doesn’t look good for Cheney. Maybe it’s time to replace “Bye, Felicia!” with “Bye, Liz!”