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LOL: DeSantis’ Democrat Competitor Decimated As Even Libs Admit He’s Going to Lose

So long as he doesn’t pull a Mike Pence or Chris Christie and suddenly go “full RINO” all of the sudden, DeSantis has good reason so sit back and get nice and comfortable in the Governor’s mansion in Florida.

Why? Because though a few deranged and delusional fools might say otherwise, it’s more obvious than ever that Charlie Crist, his Democrat competitor in the upcoming gubernatorial race, has no more chance of winning than a snowball in hell has of not melting.

Such was even admitted by Marc Caputo on leftie network NBC. He, speaking on Crist’s attempt to take down DeSantis, said:

“This is true. You miss all the shots you don’t take. So, Charlie Crist is taking a shot. This is his second go around for governor as a Democrat. It’s the second time that he has defeated a woman in the primary. In this case, it was Nikki Fried who is the only statewide elected Democrat. Now, if things go as Democrats fear, again if they go as Democrats fear, if Charlie Crist loses to DeSantis as the polling indicates any other cabinet members who are all Democrats, or underfunded for running against incumbent Republicans. If they lose, then no statewide elected Democrat will hold a seat since inception.

It’s a good idea of how terrible the Democratic Party’s fortunes are here. He is sitting on at least $140 million, cash on hand in the bank. We’ve never seen that before here or in any state for anyone running for governor. National Democrats, understandably so, aren’t so keen about playing Florida. They’re not really interested. And President Biden’s poll numbers aren’t doing much favor for Democrats, that will include Charlie Crist.”

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So Crist is going to lose, as even NBC’s Caputo was willing to admit.

Not all those on NBC were so clearsighted and reasonable, however. One guest, Maxwell Frost, who recently won a primary in Florida, called DeSantis a dictator, saying:

“I think it’s our message and the way we approach this campaign, just telling people what our vision of the future is and keeping it in a positive light. We have to think about the context of this victory.

“We are in Florida where this entire year, our state has been the victim of governor DeSantis, he’s been a dictator, someone who has been scapegoating the most vulnerable communities for every issue under the sun because he wants to run for president and there’s been a lot of hopelessness around this over the past year, but when people hear this message, one that says you deserve healthcare and one that says we need to fight to ensure we prevent the climate crisis and one that says you deserve these things by virtue of being human, it doesn’t matter if you’re democratic or.”

Why DeSantis is so popular with conservatives and hated by Democrats isn’t hard to figure out. He recently tore into the WEF, saying:

“I want to have the values, not of Davos imposed on us, but of places like Destin and Dunedin, where I grew up. Things like the World Economic Forum, those policies are dead on arrival in the state of Florida. We are not going to go down that road.”

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