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Lying FBI Allegedly Hiding Seriously Damaging Information About Disgraced Jeffrey Epstein

The author known as Techno Fog has always been a wonderful starting point for people who enjoy doing Deep Dives into political secrets and deceit. We only know that he categorizes as a lawyer and that his investigative and analytical talents are frequently accurate. Techno Fog is now submitting FOIA requests to obtain records about Jeffrey Epstein. Initial deliberation by the FBI suggests that it is concealing unflattering or otherwise incriminating facts from the American public. 

Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted child predator who had a personal jet that took him to his secluded island, where he had many minors girls to meet his sick desires, along with the assistance of his contractor and friend, Ghislaine Maxwell. There is every reason to suspect that many wealthy and influential men took full advantage of the girls on Epstein’s island, distinguishing him from other disgustingly wealthy people. Intriguingly, the American government has fought exceptionally hard to conceal these men’s identities. 

In any case, Epstein reportedly killed himself in prison. That is difficult to believe. He possessed knowledge that may have harmed a large number of influential people; hence it is more likely that he was eliminated. 

In addition to his acknowledged pedophilia, there are a number of mysteries surrounding Epstein’s actions, including rumors that he was a spy for the United States or Israel’s Mossad and that he possessed blackmail data on half of the self-proclaimed “elite” of the West. Information released in 2018 indicates that Epstein began cooperating with the FBI in 2008: 

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Techno Fog believes Epstein had further dealings with the FBI beyond the one described in the tweet. As a result, he issued a straightforward FOIA request to the FBI, requesting any documents pertaining to its conversations with Epstein. This was where the FBI made an unexpected admission by omission. What was the FBI’s response? Not by denying that any records exist. 

Instead, the FBI is sheltering behind FOIA’s law enforcement protection, claiming that the release of Epstein’s information would compromise ongoing criminal justice investigations. 

The records responsive to your request are law enforcement records; there is a pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding relevant to these responsive records, and release of the information could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.” 

Techno Fog interprets this to mean that, with Epstein deceased and Maxwell in prison, there are no “enforcement processes” involving the two individuals most directly accountable for illicit activities with minor girls. Techno Fog claims that there was a grand jury inquiry into alleged Epstein accomplices in the summer of 2020, but they correctly assumed that no charges were filed over whoever was being probed. 

The FBI’s embarrassment is more likely to result from the Epstein records, given the current state of affairs. The DOJ and FBI have been accused of misusing the FOIA law enforcement exemption to conceal investigative materials. We’ve seen them do it. And they continue to do so. 

Notably, as stated by Techno Fog, the FBI’s evasive response establishes the existence of papers. He will not cease digging for them. 

The FBI has always been tainted; J. Edgar Hoover ensured this. What distinguished it from the FBI of today was that Hoover and his operatives were nationalists who believed they were operating for the benefit of the United States. Currently, there is little reason to suppose that the FBI’s upper echelons serve anyone other than themselves and the Democratic party. Meanwhile, the FBI’s “beat cops” are enslaved by their pensions. It is all highly tragic.