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Madness! LA DA Releasing Murderers Back on The Streets

A deputy district attorney in Los Angeles County believes George Gascón’s “blanket policy” of discharging criminals convicted of murder as a minor is a “ticking time bomb” and that his “days are still numbered” after the repeal effort suffered a severe setback on Monday. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón freed multiple murder convicts.

Proposition 57, passed by California voters in 2016, requires every minor guilty in adult court to get a transfer trial in juvenile court to evaluate if they should be prosecuted as adults. Gascón’s staff often declines to participate in transfer hearings, resulting in the inmate’s release.

Andres Cachu was freed from jail in November because a close associate of Gascón, Deputy District Attorney Alisa Blair, opted not to submit evidence at a hearing to decide if he should remain in custody since he turned 25. Cachu reportedly discarded a gun during a police pursuit in July and was charged with evading arrest, DUI, and unauthorized possession of a handgun.

Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami said the Gascón policy creates a “ticking time bomb,” and a freed killer will victimize someone else.

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When you release dangerous criminals who are murderers at the age of 25 when you don’t present any evidence to a judge when you don’t consider if this individual was dangerous while in prison, and you just released this individual. Yeah, that that becomes a ticking time bomb. And at a certain point, that person is going to victimize somebody else. And so George Gascón should really think about that.

Hatami claims Gascón isn’t concerned about victimization.

He just doesn’t really care. And it’s sad because the job of a district attorney is to fight for the victims and their families, is to make sure that there’s accountability, to make sure that there is justice, and to make sure that the public is safe so this individual doesn’t get out for somebody else,” Hatami said.

Monday, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder said there weren’t enough valid petitions to place Gascón’s recall on the table.

Hatami told Gascón, “I’m not going anywhere.

I will always stand with abused & neglected children, victims & their families & the residents of LA County. Your days are still numbered. Just like today, I’ll be back working for the People tomorrow,” Hatami said. “I’m incredibly saddened & disappointed by today’s news. My heart breaks for the victims, their families & the entire county of LA. However, the fight for justice, public safety & doing the right thing isn’t over. It will just take a little longer. I will always be proud of all the hard work of the families & volunteers.

Patricia Wenskunas, CEO and founder of Crime Survivors Inc., a California-based nonprofit, told Fox News Digital she is “very frightened” for crime victims and survivors as prospects for a Gascón recall warned Monday.

I am extremely worried for victims, survivors, and for public safety, and especially for our communities in Los Angeles County. I pray this does not embolden DA Gascon with more progressive policies, and I pray he decides to realize the importance of holding criminals accountable and to provide victims with justice through our legal system,” Wenskunas said. “We must take a breath and once again find our voices for the voiceless.

Victor Bibiano, 30, spent barely 8 years of a life term for double murder because Gascón’s office refused to move the case to adult court. He was arrested in May in connection with the shooting death of Mario Rodriguez, 40, who was located in a homeless encampment in Pacoima, Los Angeles. Gascon said evidence would suggest Bibiano didn’t fire or kill the transient.

Bibiano and two others were convicted in 2012 for murdering two gang members and injuring a third in 2009. Bibiano was condemned to a life without parole for shooting at an inhabited home, attempted homicide, and a special-circumstance double killing; however, he was freed in 2021.

Gascón said his office did not request a move to adult court because it could not establish Bibiano wouldn’t have benefitted from juvenile rehabilitative programs when the offenses were committed.

Given that Bibiano had no prior delinquency record at the time of the homicides, he had no serious infractions while in prison, and he presented other confidential mitigating information, we determined we could not meet that burden,” Gascon said. “Bibiano remained in juvenile court. We requested a Division of Juvenile Justice commitment for two additional years. That request was granted, but the Division of Juvenile Justice rejected Mr. Bibiano. However, as part of his release plan, Bibiano had access to support and community resources.

In 2021, a convicted murderer was captured on tape rejoicing in his prison cell after reading about the new Gascón decree, which resentences 15-year prisoners. In the video, he toasted Gascón with prison moonshine.

Right here with my cellie,” Dorsett said in a video uploaded by the California District Attorneys Association. “Some white lightning, a little cup, boom! Celebrating us going home on this Gascón directive. Whoop!

Kathy Cady, a former LADA prosecutor, told Fox News Digital that Gascón is either uncaring or oblivious of the enormous damage he’s wreaking.

Cady said releasing a murderer on the victim’s family is awful.

They feel abandoned,” Cady added. “They feel very devastated and, you know, abandoned.