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Masked Man Breaks Into Apartment In The Middle Of The Night; It’s The Last Mistake He Ever Made

When you ask someone what the purpose of the Second Amendment is, many folks who have a good, solid grip on the principles of the Constitution will tell you that it’s about preserving the right of the American people to own weapons they can use to fight back against a tyrannical government. This, of course, is absolutely true and the main reason it exists. However, it’s also about providing the means for ordinary citizens to protect life and property from criminals who wish to take both away from them.

According to a report from TheBlaze, a masked man took it upon himself to break into a Madison, Wisconsin apartment, in the dead of night last week, but things did not at all go the way he had likely planned.

The intruder came across an armed resident who then employed the use of deadly force to protect life, liberty, and property. It was the last mistake this bad guy ever made.

“Police were called to the scene in the 1700 block of Packers Avenue around 2:30 a.m. Friday after someone reported that a masked man broke into an apartment and shots were fired, WMTV-TV reported,” the report said.

“A man waiting outside for police directed them into the apartment, where officers found a shot man who was soon pronounced dead, Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes said during a news conference, according to the station,” the report continued.

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A woman and child were inside the apartment when local law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, according to the report from WMTV. The station then revealed that all three individuals inside were there at the time the break-in occurred. They were unharmed and all were cooperating with the investigation.

Police officials said that it wasn’t clear whether or not the individuals in the apartment had any sort of personal connection to the intruder. None of the multiple reports revealed the identity of which resident pulled the trigger on the weapon. That’s not the most important part of the story. The fact that good guys with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun, that’s the big takeaway here.

“Barnes said detectives found evidence of forced entry and are trying to figure out why the intruder targeted the apartment and whether he had accomplices, WMTV noted,” TheBlaze said.

“Multiple guns were found inside the apartment, the station said, but detectives haven’t determined whether the intruder was armed at the time of the break-in,” the report stated. Barnes then went on to say that the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office still needs to confirm the identity of the man who was fatally shot.

Local law enforcement officers just happened to be close by the apartment at the time of the shooting as a violent burglary happened the previous day less than a mile away from the apartment. Early on Thursday morning, three men allegedly forced their way into a home located on the 2800 block of Dryden Drive and then tied up two of the individual who lived at the residence before carrying out the robbery.

That incident then led to an increase in patrols of the area, the station reported. Investigators later said that they don’t believe, at this time, the two incidents are related to each other. Kind of seems weird that they happened in the same area so close together in time, doesn’t it? Even if they aren’t connected, there’s a definite uptick in crime happening in that area, which is not good.

And that might be the result of various soft-on-crime policies, along with other measures taken in Democrat-run areas. We’ve seen a nationwide increase in crime over the last year and a half that President Joe Biden has been in office. Hardly seems like a coincidence.