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Michelle Obama Thought America Wasn’t Ready for a Black Woman’s Hair ‘I Did Not Wear Braids’

While it seems like an eternity ago, if you think really hard — try not to burst a brain cell because this goes way back — you can probably remember when former first lady Michelle Obama was gushing with pride in her country because her husband, Barack Obama, was gaining massive popularity in the 2008 presidential election. However, according to her, that didn’t last very long, because she apparently felt the vast majority of Americans were still bigots, even though her hubby ended up getting elected.

According to the Daily Wire, “Throughout her time in office, it appears she was so worried that America was such a racist nation that even her hairdo choice could doom her husband’s legislative goals if she chose the wrong style.”

The stuff the left finds to be angry over really baffles the mind, doesn’t it? How can you constantly be prowling around looking for a reason to be ticked off and offended and not end up a miserable, wretched human being? Get a life already.

“As black women, we deal with it, the whole thing about do you show up with your natural hair,” Obama went on to say during an event with Hollywood celebrity Ellen DeGeneres this week. “As first lady, I did not wear braids. Being the first … yeah, we had to ease up on the people. Cause I thought about it. I was like, it would be easier. Nope, nope. They’re not ready.”

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Okay, so this next bit of the story is really absurd. Make sure when you read this you aren’t sipping on your favorite beverage of choice because you might laugh so hard it comes out of your nose. Ready?

Apparently, Obama was practically biting her nails to the quick with anxiety about the healthcare reform bill not being passed because, and I’m not making this up, her hair was braided.

“Let me keep my hair straight,” the former first lady recounted . “Let’s get health care passed.”

And this despite the fact that her husband dominated the 2008 election, receiving a whopping 69,498,516 votes. But yeah, if she wore braids they totally wouldn’t have gotten healthcare reform passed. Insert an eye roll here.

“Of course, there have been historical instances of racial discrimination due to hairstyle choice, but the idea that America would be so racist the first lady’s hair would stop Obamacare from being forced down the American people’s throats is a bit laughable,” the Daily Wire reported.

Over the course of the last 35 years of American politics, there have only been two unforgettable hairstyles that critics have used to insult their opponents.

“The first is former President Donald J. Trump. For some reason, Leftists love saying he wears a toupee, but it seems to be his real hair. Admittedly, it is pretty mesmerizing and unique in American politics. Then there is that mop-headed rapscallion and disgraced ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL). He’s a pretty charming crook if we’re being objective,” the report stated.

A great example of how little people care about a black woman wearing braids is Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson, the first black female to be appointed to the highest court in the land.

The only two things of note that came about from her confirmation hearing were her ridiculous inability to define what woman is and the fact she took it easy on pedophiles and sex criminals as a judge. That’s it.

And guess what? She wore her hair in braids. Until the writing of this very article, I didn’t even notice that. In all honesty, who cares how anyone wears their hair? I care about their policy positions and their values and principles. If a chick with a green mohawk was running for president and had outstanding morals, great policies that would stimulate the economy and preserve liberty while shrinking the government, I’d cast a vote for her without a second thought. Whether she was white, black, or whatever, would not matter to me in the slightest.