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Nancy Pelosi Leaves Taipei Surrounded by Beijing’s Army After She Accuses China of ‘Standing in the Way of Taiwan’

After playing with the safety of the people of Taiwan by poking Beijing with a very unsophisticated and dangerous stick, Nancy Pelosi has boarded Air Force One and left Taiwan.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives opted to visit Taiwan, which has been unofficially ruled by Beijing since 1945, despite warnings about American interference in the region by Chinese officials.

On Monday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan issued the stark warning that there would be “serious consequences if she [Pelosi] insists on making the visit”.  

True to their word, shocking social media footage showed Chinese tanks parading past tourists on the beaches of the island of Taiwan. At least 21 Chinese fighter jets swarmed over the island as Pelosi’s fight touched down on Tuesday.

After a one-day diplomatic meeting with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-weg, Pelosi doubled-down on her attack on Beijing, accusing China of “standing in the way of Taiwan”, adding:

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“Today the world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy.

“America’s determination to preserve democracy, here in Taiwan and around the world, remains ironclad.”

Taiwanese officials say they now expect a burst of Chinese military activity in the area. On Tuesday, it reported a major hacking incident within its government computer systems.

Many experts say that Pelosi’s actions were reckless and will result not only in an increased amount of unnecessary tension between Beijing and Taiwan, perhaps resulting in heavier laws being passed – but could also strengthen the relationship between China and other enemy nations, encouraging them to form a strong alliance against the United States.

On Tuesday evening, the Kremlin confirmed its united front with China. It displayed an illuminated message on the tower of its state-run TV station Ostankino, which read, “China, we are with you!.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said that “everything about the tour and visit to Taiwan is purely provocative”.

Perhaps just to add even more fuel to the fire, Pelosi is now on her way to South Korea just to rock the boat a bit more and play with international stability.

The move has enraged North Korea’s foreign ministry, who said the US was engaging in “imprudent interference” in Taiwan’s affairs and that North Korea “vehemently denounces” external interferences and instead “fully supports” China.

It is the due right of a sovereign state to take counter measures against the moves of the outside forces openly interfering in its internal affairs and destroying its territorial integrity,” said the official.

Taiwan will now endure six days of military exercises in and around the Taiwan strait in what many are calling the most serious threat to its independence in decades.

As it stands, Taiwan still has its own military and democratically elected leaders.

The US officially recognized China as communist rulers over Taiwan in 1979, engaging in diplomatic talks with Beijing to recognize it and its territories are ‘One China’.

Collin Koh, a Singapore-based international security expert said that Pelosi’s visit could have sparked “significant possibilities for an accidental escalation”.  

Pelosi is due to land in Seoul, South Korea at some point today, but the country’s president, Yoon Suk-teol has refused to return from his home vacation to meet her.

“In the first place, there was no such a plan (for Yoon’ meeting Pelosi) as the president’s vacation schedule coincides with her visit here,” said an official.