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NHL Gets Wrecked after Going Woke on Twitter

Given that it’s known mainly as the sport where men full of piss and vinegar try to back each other to pieces on the rink, you might think that the NHL wouldn’t go woke, or would at least try to keep the wokeness a bit less obvious than what comes out of, say US the women’s soccer team.

Well, that was somewhat true until now, but the NHL just went “full woke” on Twitter and got, as could be expected, bashed to pieces by non-wokies on Twitter that didn’t take kindly to the NHL’s woke virtue signaling and spewing of leftist talking points.

It all began when the NHL announced its “Team Trans Draft Tournament” in Wisconsin, saying:

The NHL is proud to support this past weekend’s Team Trans Draft Tournament in Middleton, Wisconsin. This was the first tournament comprised entirely of transgender and nonbinary players, with around 80 folks participating! #HockeyIsForEveryone #NHLPride

Responding, someone said “So, men playing on womans team?

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And that’s when the NFL went even woker, saying:

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real.

And that led to the Twitter mob coming for the NHL, bashing it with absolutely no mercy and tearing into the narrative it was trying to propagate. Here some of those comments are:

“Omg NHL…what an absolute embarrassment. You’re just parroting a religious slogan. Can you maybe define for us what “man” and “woman” mean? If I claim to *feel* as black as Wayne Simmonds, does that make it so? Shame on you, NHL for propagating this nonsense”

“Two Genders. Men. Women. It cannot be changed. Stick to hockey instead of trying to ruin lives.”

“If trans women are women and trans men are men… 1) are women trans women? 2) are men trans men?
3) are men women, are women men? 4) if it’s a spectrum aren’t there really no women and no men, and therefore no trans women and no trans men?”

“Go woke go broke NHL.”

“Can’t wait for Ovechkin to identify as a woman, retire to the “women’s” league, and score 3,000 goals a year.”

“See kids, this is what happens when you get too many concussions.”

“The 2020s are so miserable. This is crazy pills. I miss the days when sports leagues were non-political. It’s not a sides thing. I don’t want the leagues being mouthpieces for the Right either. Fans shouldn’t get activism.

“I went to a hockey game and an AOC speech broke out.”

“A fired twitter employee just got a new job as head of social media for the NHL 😎😎”

“No, NHL.. No. That ideology is dangerous. Especially to women. Trans women are biological men. Trans men are biological women. Gender is not a feeling it’s a fact. There’s marked differences between those genders no matter how many hormones they take. Stop endangering women.”

“Should have stopped at your original post. Don’t think anyone needs to be preached to by a sports league with nonfactual information about something not related to the sport.’