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NY Dems Get Down, Dirty As Carolyn Malone Takes Bite Out Of Jerry Nadler As Primary Draws Near

I think I can safely say there’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching two Democrats eat each other alive. It’s kind of like tuning into an episode of some nature show on Animal Planet, only instead of noble lions fighting to defend their pride, we have two brain-dead baboons slapping each other with salmon.

It’s truly a sight to behold.

And it seems, according to a report from The Daily Wire, that the Democrats in New York are starting to really get fired up as the primary race draws near. Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Rep. Jerry Nadler are in a battle for the last seat left on New York’s brand new district map, and man, things are getting downright nasty.

“They call him senile,” Maloney went on to say to reporters. “They cite his performance at the debate where he couldn’t even remember who he impeached. He said he impeached Bush.”


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Maloney is taking a “no holds barred” approach to the current primary run, and clearly, she’s not holding back. That statement is like taking a solid knee strike to the groin. Nadler is really in a for a battle here.

Here’s more from the Daily Wire:

The New York Post editorial that Maloney referred to described 75-year-old Nadler as “this close to senile in that epic NY1 debate,” when he said he voted to impeach former President George W. Bush instead of former President Donald Trump.

Nadler told a reporter on Tuesday that he would not dignify Maloney’s remarks with a response.

Now, if we’re going to be fair here, Maloney isn’t exactly a gaffe-free candidate either.

During an on the record conversation with the New York Times editorial board, Maloney said of President Joe Biden, “off the record, he’s not running again.” The publication had never agreed to her terms and thus printed the remark.

In the early part of August, during a CNN hit, Maloney heaped a ton of praise on President Joe Biden, while also going on to suggest that he probably wouldn’t be running for reelection in 2024.

“Mr. President, I apologize,” Maloney went on to say during the hit. “I want you to run. I happen to think you won’t be running, but when you run or if you run, I will be there 100%. You have deserved it. You are a great president, and thank you for everything you’ve done for my state and all the states and all the cities in America. Thank you, Mr. President.”

When the Daily Wire reached out to get a comment from Nadler and Maloney, neither one responded, which is not a surprise. No Democrat wants to actually speak to conservative-leaning journalists, as doing so might open them up to tough questions that they don’t really have answers to.

Most of the time, Democrats only speak with those who toss out softball questions that they have memorized answers for so they can turn off their brain during interviews and avoid providing any real, factual information that might actually benefit voters when it comes to making up their own minds about important issues.