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NYT Address Brandon’s Age and Cognitive State, Hell Freezes Over

Since the campaign for the 2020 election began, President Brandon has had the benefit of working with a sympathetic mainstream media who have assumed the role of spin doctor for both his virtual stumping from the basement and his disastrous first (last?) term. While most news outlets are comfortably ensconced in Democrat propaganda-land, one stalwart sees the veneer is cracking, and now questions Sleepy Joe’s ability to effectively lead the country.

As Breitbart notes, The New York Times reported that the president was “testing the boundaries of age and the presidency” after his well-documented fall from his bike during a trip to a Delaware beach last month. Biden’s physical stamina aside, more alarming is his lack of mental acuity and focus:

“His speeches can be flat and listless. He sometimes loses his train of thought, has trouble summoning names or appears momentarily confused,” the Times article reads.

In an attempt to show the world he is not a doddering old fool who has lost control of both mind and body, Brandon once again rode his bicycle during another Delaware beach weekend.  As with the day of the fall, Sleepy Joe appeared in front of a press crew and stopped to speak with reporters after a portion of his ride:

“I look like a fool here in this interview,” the president acknowledged after stopping during the ride to speak to reporters and realizing he still had his helmet on. “I put this helmet on because it was a tough interview,” he joked.

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It was unclear if Biden realized he was still wearing the helmet on his own, or if one of his aides alerted him to it.

But what is clear is that last month’s fall is still fresh in the president’s mind as he was quick to point out that he had “the thing,” or the pedal toe holds, removed, the culprit for the embarrassing tumble when his foot got caught in one of them, according to Brandon himself.

“I want you to know an important thing: I took off the … thing,” he said, referring to the toe hold on the pedals.

After the fall in June, Brandon appeared to be embarrassed, and stammered an explanation for his fall to reporters:

“What happened was, any of you guys ride bikes?” he explained to reporters after his fall. “Well, some of them have this thing you put your toe in, constrains your foot so it doesn’t fall off the pedals. I was getting off the bike and it got stuck on the right side.”

He and his team expressed concern that the rest of the world was worried about his health and repeatedly reassured us that he was well, even going as far as hopping up and down on the sidewalk in front of reporters after attending Catholic mass.

Sleepy Joe’s fall did not escape the attention of President Donald Trump, who reacted to the cringe-worthy incident at a recent speech in Memphis, Tennessee, by promising to never get on a bicycle:

“I make this pledge to you today: I will never, ever ride a bicycle,” he joked.