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People Are Now Calling For SC Congresswoman To Resign After Project Veritas Reveals Damning Racist Audio

The radical left tries to scold and lecture everyone about all of the wicked evils of racism and prejudice, but when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road, it turns out liberals aren’t all that great at practicing what they preach. In other words, progressives are huge hypocrites who cry “racist” over anything and everything, meanwhile, they are the ones who are actually practicing the vile behavior. It’s a disgusting double standard.

According to a piece from Count On News 2, the Republican Party in South Carolina is now calling for the resignation of State Representative Krystle Matthews after racially charged audio of her saving some pretty awful stuff about white people was released by Project Veritas.

Audio released on YouTube revealed a conversation the Lowcountry lawmaker allegedly had with an undercover journalist associated with Project Veritas Action and touches on a demographic within her district,” the report said. “Leaders with the SC GOP said the audio – allegedly from Matthews – advocated for treating white people within her district in a negative way.”

“…Matthews has made it clear she is unfit to hold public office. First she called for ‘dope boy money’ and illegal straw donors to her U.S. Senate campaign, and now we hear her advocating for treating white people ‘like s***’ or otherwise ‘they get outta control like kids,’’ South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick went on to say regarding the audio.

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“My district is slightly Republican and it’s heavily white. I’m no stranger to white people, I’m from a mostly white town. And let me tell you one thing. You oughta know who you’re dealing with, like, you gotta treat them like s***,” you can hear Matthews say in the audio posted by Project Veritas.

Another piece of audio from Project Veritas has a voice that sounds like Matthews discussing on non-support for Vermont Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders, a former candidate for president, and then went on to make a reference to speaking to different races.

“This is overtly racist. Point blank. Period. What happens when a white family in her district needs help? Does Matthews assist them, or does she treat them like crap,” McKissick went on to ask. “The fact that question even has to be asked is more than enough to call for her to resign.”

“We’re talking about an elected member of the State House of Representatives, one the Democrat party had nominated for the U.S. Senate to run against Tim Scott. You would expect better behavior at a minimum and hopefully better attitudes towards fellow South Carolinians from someone in that position,” McKissick said.

McKissick then called on other Democrats to denounce the comments made by Matthews, who is still set to face off against U.S. Sen. Tim Scott in November. The folks at News 2 reached out to Matthews for a comment on the audio, but at the time this is being written, have not received a response.

If the Democrats are serious about fighting racism, they need to start by purging it from within their own ranks. Seems like a pretty good place to start.