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People don’t feel safe: San Francisco Democrat wants to remove ‘Radical’ Prosecutor for not keeping the city safe

A Democrat in San Francisco backed the recall movement to replace District Attorney Chesa Boudin this week, becoming the city’s first elected political figure to do so.

Boudin has failed to defend the inhabitants of his city, according to Catherine Stefani, who has been on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors since 2018, according to television station KRON4.

“We cannot deny what we see all around us,” Stefani informed KRON4. “People don’t feel safe in our city anymore. And sadly, with Chesa Boudin in office, they have little reason to expect that to change. To have any prayer of making real progress, we need a district attorney who will put aside ideology, who will seek to listen rather than to be heard, and who will take the problems we face seriously. That person is not Chesa Boudin.”

Boudin, a progressive prosecutor with parents who were a part of a left-wing terrorist organization, has come under scrutiny as killings and other crimes in San Francisco have increased in recent years. The prosecutor has stressed compassion and a crime-fighting policy that is less focused on arrests & prosecutions. Citizens, on the other hand, have voiced indignation since convicts freed by Boudin have gone on to commit mass murder and other crimes, and open-air drug usage, stealing, & car break-ins are common in the city, as stated.

In a statement to KRON4, the head of the recall movement for Boudin, which the prosecutor’s allies have accused of being a hidden Republican-backed operation, praised Stefani’s backing.

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“Our campaign to recall Chesa Boudin is Democrat-led and includes a diverse mix of small business owners, families, and community leaders—like Supervisor Stefani—who want to feel safe in our city,” Mary Jung, chair of Safer SF Without Boudin, stated.

According to a poll released Wednesday by the San Francisco Standard, 57 percent of voters support Boudin’s recall effort.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the prosecutor has depended on financial backing from scandal-plagued tech millionaire Christian Larsen and leftist criminal justice reform groups like Real Justice PAC to resist the recall movement.