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Political Conflict Of Interest When the NBA Speaks

The NBA has been quite the political controversy for a few years now. It’s even been noted by CNN that the NBA was leading the way in activism. Michael Jordan is said to have donated $100 million to various social justice movements, and the NBA donated $300 million. But, the exciting thing is that the NBA is in bed with the CCP. So, when you watch the NBA and see their political speech causing civil unrest here in the United States, you should consider it covert military actions against the people of the United States by China. So, how did I jump to this conclusion?

Before the NBA became social justice warriors, the association was not allowed on Chinese state-run TV for almost three years. Throughout this ban, all of the owners were silent. Do you remember this on any major news network that the NBA had been banned from Chinese state-run television? However, as soon as they started their political activism here in the United States, suddenly, the NBA was allowed on Chinese state-run television.

That’s not the only thing, though; if you think about China’s history of human rights abuse and compare it to the social justice warriors in the NBA, there’s a cognitive dissonance between what they say to us and what they say to the Chinese. For example, the former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey had to delete his tweet in support of protesters in Hong Kong and was the main reason NBA games were pulled from state-run TV in China.

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This isn’t all; several owners or co-owners of different NBA teams are also heavily invested in Chinese companies. For example, the Brooklyn Nets owner Joel Tsai, born in Taiwan and became a naturalized Canadian citizen but still holds onto a Hong Kong passport, is also the co-founder of the e-commerce company Alibaba. As a result, over 50% of his total net worth, which is about 4.5 billion, is tied up in China and Chinese companies. And he’s not the only one; Sacramento Kings co-owner Paul Jacobs has 30% of his total net worth in China. Memphis grizzly owner Robert Pera has 360 plus million invested in China, Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta has a restaurant chain in China, and even the legend Michael Jordan the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, has investments in China.

With such a concentration of owners of sports teams having a large amount of their total net worth tied up in Chinese investments and the recent political activism by these sports teams against the American public and way of life, there certainly is a conflict of interest here. The leaders and owners of these teams cannot say anything against the CCP or risk losing millions upon millions of dollars and, in some cases, billions. Additionally, suppose they want to gain favor from the CCP to retain their ability to do business in China. They may have to do certain things, such as make a political speech in America that would cause disruption. Of course, this is speculation, but the timing of these social justice movements inside sports teams is suspect.