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RAW DEAL: UN Treaty Is Bad For America, And Dems Can’t Wait to Sign It

If anything has taken a battering lately, it’s the United States Constitution. The unelected administrative state continues to balloon and is ceded more and more control over how we live our lives rather than our elected officials insisting “the law of the land” reigns supreme. Now, it is the also unelected United Nations that is encroaching on the sovereignty of nations like the USA with treaties that sound beneficial on the surface, but in reality, are methods to weaken the Western world to the benefit of China and its allies.

The latest of these treaties is the Kigali Amendment. Have you ever heard of it? Well, you need to know all about it as Senate Democrats are expected to ratify it, and it will hurt American businesses and citizens and further contribute to skyrocketing prices for everything.

What is the Kigali Amendment? As The Daily Caller reports, “it restricts production of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) based on concerns that they contribute to (what else?) climate change.” Why this is a problem is that HFCs exist everywhere, as they run air conditioners in homes and vehicles, and refrigeration systems in restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. Restricting their production increases demand for them, repairs will rise in cost and quotas shrink HFC supply.

But we are already in the early stages of this reality thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which imposed HFC limits that went into effect this year.  As Ben Lieberman of The Competitive Enterprise Institute writes since the new rules went into effect, “the price of the refrigerant used in home air conditioners shot up 4-fold, and as a result certain repairs now cost hundreds more. Repair bills will likely rise in future summers as the HFC quotas get more stringent.”

What makes international treaties so dangerous is that they are difficult to undo and, as Lieberman points out, domestic legislation would move to an international body like the U.N., effectively ending representative democracy and the will of the voter.

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Developed nations fare the worst under this treaty. However, China, a manufacturing powerhouse that controls a huge portion of America’s debt, is not among these countries, instead relegated as one of the 150 developing nations under the Kigali Amendment, and [Kigali] extends [China far more lenient treatment to it. Part of the leniency is an HFC “phasedown schedule” that allows developing nations an extra ten years to adhere to the treaty. But what is most infuriating is that the US is participating in its own demise, as we contribute millions to help China and other nations with treaty compliance, giving China yet again another advantage while knocking us down a peg or several:

Thus, factories located in China will have access to cheap and plentiful HFCs long after supplies get tight for facilities located here. To make matters even worse, the U.S. is the single largest contributor to a UN fund that will assist China and other developing nations with compliance. So, we will be giving China an unfair advantage and sending them tax dollars as well.

So who besides China benefits from this lopsided treaty? Well, the air conditioning and refrigeration industry do as the Kigali Amendment will push the market to absorb more and more expensive products, and the robust lobbying groups that the industry has engaged will see to it that the HFC replacements are prohibitively expensive, akin to the electric vehicles push instead and the phasing out of cheaper gas-powered cars.

Yet there is some hope, as in order for the Senate to ratify Kigali it needs a two-thirds margin or 67 senators.  All 50 Dems have pledged their support of the treaty but it is unclear whether they will be able to convince 17 Republicans to join them. Why the Democrat Party continues to rally against its own people is mystifying, but somehow, in the end, they won’t experience the consequences of their actions unless We the People throw the rascals out.