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Report Reveals Scientists Who Worked At US Nuclear Weapons Lab Went To Work For China; GOP Wants Answers

On Wednesday of this week, a group of Republicans led by Rep. Mike Waltz of Florida, put together a letter that discussed a report alleging 162 scientists who had previously worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, which conducts a lot of research in support of America’s nuclear weapons program, went on to work for the Chinese Communist Party.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is terrifying. The last thing you want to hear while drinking your morning coffee is that the commies in China might have been made privy to the secrets of our nuclear weapons program thanks to some turncoat scientists. Folks who don’t think China poses a threat to the West must have their heads buried in a dark, moist body cavity.

According to the Daily Wire, the report, “The Los Alamos Club,” which was put out by Strider Technologies, Inc., alleges that these scientists who had worked at the U.S. lab over a period of 30 years, later went back to China where they now support the Chinese Communist Party.  Given all of the money President Joe Biden and his son Hunter have seemingly made through all kinds of unethical business deals, it’s not likely we’ll hear anything from our nation’s top brass about this alarming situation.

“The Chinese Communist Party has been stealing our research and technology for decades through its foreign talents programs and it’s critical to our national security that we put an immediate stop to their espionage efforts,” Waltz stated in the letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Arati Prabhakar.

“Over the years, we have seen numerous examples of the CCP practicing this tactic at our institutions of higher education through their Thousand Talents Program and their Youth Thousand Talents Program,” he added. “These programs are part of the CCP’s overarching Military-Civil Fusion (MCF) national strategy. Under the MCF, the CCP targets seemingly innocuous key civilian technologies, acquires them illicitly, and exploits the ‘dual-use’ potential of these technologies to build up their military capabilities.”

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The report stated that the scientists returned to China to allegedly support the CCP in a bunch of different domestic and military research and development programs. You can almost guarantee they have shared the information they gleaned from their time working at Los Alamos with the heads of these CCP projects.

“Republicans on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee specifically crafted policies to prohibit China’s recruitment programs and the Biden Administration must be transparent in its implementation of these policies,” he went on to say.

Waltz then tackled what he referred to as “malign talent recruitment programs.”

“’The Los Alamos Club’ confirms the concerns surrounding malign talent recruitment programs, clearly demonstrating that the CCP’s had been successful at stealing and capitalizing on our research and development,” Waltz declared in the letter. “As a result, these malign talent recruitment programs have now resulted in a tangible national security threat to the United States.”

The GOP is also demanding answers concerning whether or not the Department of Energy was made aware of attempts to infiltrate the lab through these recruitment programs and if any sort of precautions were put in place to help preserve U.S. research.