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Reporter mocks Joe Biden administration, Psaki seems unhappy

A reporter openly mocked President Joe Biden’s administration, leaving White House press reporter Jen Psaki with an unhappy look on her face.

Peter Doocy said to Jen Psaki: “It would be great if anybody that wanted a free phone and a free monthly plan could get one, so is that going to be an offer to everybody or just people that walk into the country illegally?”

Doocy’s question was relative to the White House confirming that they are providing cell phones to migrants, as stated on Fox News: “The White House confirmed Wednesday that illegal immigrants are being provided with electronic devices, notably cell phones, in an effort for the Biden administration to “track” and “check in” with them as they await immigration court proceedings.

Asked by Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy about the initiative, White House press secretary Jen Psaki the purpose was to monitor illegal immigrants.

“We need to take steps to ensure that we know where individuals are and we can track and we can check in with them,” Psaki said.”

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Many people have suggested that this is unfair to people who pay for their own cell phone plans. This also re-sparked conversation about the fraudulent activity ‘Obamaphone’ companies were exposed for.