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Republican Governor Demands Apology From Biden Over Insulting Statement About Republicans

Republican Governor Chris Sununu blasted the Biden administration president for labeling Republican beliefs as “semi-fascism.”

This happened at a closed-door meeting with Democrat sponsors on Thursday. Biden had gone for republicans who support Trump and his policy. He said that they are only committed to a philosophy of semi-fascism. Biden claimed they only showed traits of an extreme MAGA philosophy, adding that the entire philosophy is problematic.

At a rally later that day, Biden also added that he has no respect for the so-called “MAGA Republicans.” He claimed only to respect conservative republicans and added that only a few in that faction have his respect.

Sununu insisted that Biden’s comments at the fundraiser on Thursday were insulting. He also recalled that Biden had campaigned himself as a unifier, yet he maligns “half of America” who do not share the same political views with him. For this reason, the Governor called out Biden as he believes he and the Americans who have been lied to deserve an apology.

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He said, “I mean, the fact that the president would go out and just insult half of America, because, effectively, half of America votes Republican, half of America ultimately votes Democrat…but effectively call half of America semi-fascist, because he’s trying to stir up controversy, he’s trying to stir up this anti-Republican sentiment right before the election, it’s just – it’s horribly inappropriate.”

He added that this comment by the President was just insulting. More so, people should feel insulted, and the democratic President who describes himself as a unifier should rightfully apologize for his statement.

Sununu noted that the President’s comment displayed his poor leadership. He compared Biden’s comments to that of Republicans who have linked democrats to communism. He mentioned that fascism and white supremacy traits could be seen in all of America. 

If democrats wanted to accuse republicans of fascism, he added that democrats could also be regarded as communists—people who are genuinely all ultra-socialist communists trying to bring down the capitalist market.

He noted, “When we allow ourselves to talk in these extremes, we polarize the country, we bring people further apart. If I remember, [Biden] was the guy, the candidate at the time, to be President that said he was going to bring everybody together, and then to call half of America fascist, come on. Look, he owes an apology. That’s not appropriate. That isn’t leadership.”

Still slamming the President, Sununu called him out on his plan to forgive student loan debts before the primary elections, saying it is inherently unfair. 

He said, “It’s arbitrarily picking a group of individuals, and we’re going to arbitrarily just cancel their debt with a stroke of a pen, which, again, not even going through Congress. That’s fairly illegal. It adds hundreds of billions of dollars at a time where we’re trying to bring inflation under control. That’s exacerbating the inflationary crisis.”

Finally, Sununu criticized Biden, saying he successfully polarized America and made false promises about unifying the country, lying to every American. “He owes an apology. That’s not appropriate,” Sununu demanded.