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Republican Strategist: Bragging Biden Will Become Blinded From Reality

In an attempt to portray the democratic party in a good light ahead of the November elections, the president has continually bragged about several “achievements” of his administration. Though the so-called achievements are hard to see considering the nation’s current state, the president seems to believe he has bragging rights.

This unreal image of his administration that Biden is trying to portray leads one to believe that the president is becoming blinded from reality. How else can the president bragging about his achievements be explained because every average American is now struggling more than usual to put food on their tables?

Cesar Conda, a republican strategist, notes that gas prices which were about $5 in June, have decreased to $3.8 due to the subsidy. However, the price per gallon was significantly lower before Biden assumed the presidential seat. Luckily, the inflation from June to July was steady. However, it is still about 10% more than last year and continues to increase.

Senator Rubio’s former chief of staff said, “Although gas prices have come down, here’s the problem for the Democrats: Core inflation remains high, and the Fed is going to sharply raise interest rates and slow the economy to combat it. The Democrats’ happy talk about the economy is out of touch with the economic pain felt by American families.”

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A recent survey aggregation by RealClearPolitics noted that over 70% of the polling respondents believe that Biden is leading the country to ruin. They believe that the country had steadily been heading down the wrong path since the beginning of the Biden administration. The president’s job approval numberso remain in double-digit net negative territory.

The Republican National Committee has also concluded Biden’s priorities at the moment following his speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. So far, Biden has campaigned himself as a unifier. Yet, all he has managed to do with his speeches is to divide the country and set a distinction between democrats and republicans, who he has referred to as dangerous extremists.

Tommy Piggot, an RNC spokesman, said, “A rant full of yelling and baseless smears of millions of Americans doesn’t change the reality of Biden’s failures. He can’t distract from deaths in our streets and less money in our pockets.”

Just like the president, his far-left subjects will defend anything the Biden administration did without batting an eyelid, just like Jean-Pierre, the White Huse press secretary, recently did.

Jean-Pierre said, “What the president was trying to do at this moment, and we’ve seen this before, is give Americans a choice. How do we move forward in this inflection point? And one of the ways that we have seen time and time again in history is making sure people have their voices heard.”

Biden listed several “acheivements” of his administration, saying, “we can see the light. Light is now visible.” However, he must have forgotten that those issues arose in the first place because of his leadership abilities.