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Republicans Must Wake Up From Slumber and Begin Impeachment Proceedings if Biden Goes Ahead With This Plan

Brandon Morse reports that President Joe Biden is planning to flagrantly violate the law in order to “cancel” the thousands of dollars in student loan debt incurred by some of the most fortunate society’s elite. Naturally, nothing will be canceled in practice. Instead, the country will be out that money, and hundreds of millions of taxpayers will be forced to shoulder the responsibility for debts incurred by others.

CNN posted that “The White House will announce on Wednesday the cancellation of up to $10,000 in student loan debt for borrowers who make less than $125,000, a source familiar with the plans confirms to CNN

It is a revolting and unethical act to tell a worker who makes $40,000 a year that he must now pay the tab for college-educated Americans in the United States who have far better career chances while receiving virtually nothing in exchange for his contribution. On top of that, there are broader concerns over the state of the economy. If millions of people had their $10,000 in debt wiped off for no other reason than its existence, what do you think would happen to inflation?

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The fact that what Biden intends to do is against the law is the primary concern here. There is no clause in federal law that gives him the authority to “forgive” student loan debt by simply using his executive power and shifting the burden onto taxpayers. Pelosi has gone on record as arguing that Biden lacks such authority. According to the Department of Education, Biden lacks jurisdiction in this matter. If the president were to go ahead and try this action, it wouldn’t simply be a matter of stretching the boundaries. It would more accurately be described as a deliberate and intentional choice to undertake an impeachable offense.

The subsequent issue that everyone will be asking is, “What are the Republicans going to do about it?” It is imperative that the incoming Republican-controlled House, and maybe the Senate, take action to hold Biden accountable. This should take the form of ordering the Treasury to produce an accounting for the “canceled” debt and bringing the academic system to its knees through a combination of taxation and inquiries. The Republican Party, on the other hand, cannot be content with this. It is imperative that they impeach Joe Biden.

Numerous right members have been too cowardly to bring up impeachment until it directly involved Donald Trump for far too long. Washington is morally perverted if they will impeach a president for suggesting an inquiry that would have been appropriate but will not impeach a president who knowingly breaches the law. More elements are involved in the impeachment process than making phone calls and sending nasty tweets. While it’s true that Biden has to be disciplined, the fact that everything has been brought to light is a victory in and of itself, regardless of whether or not he is ultimately convicted in the Senate. Any Republican not prepared to end this illegality entirely should resign.