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Revealed! Kamala Harris Playing a Long Game To Become President at The Expense of Weak Biden

Recent information has revealed that all of the Vice President’s actions so far have not exactly been those of a Vice loyal to her President. The Vice President has her agenda and has her eyes on that seat for herself too.

However, things are not looking perfect for her and are certainly not going according to her plans.

In a recent interview with Fox, former democrat Senator Gloria Romero mentioned that Harris did not care much about Biden as she made it seem. Romero said that Harris was only pursuing her agenda to kick Biden off his seat, which is the only reason she has been dotting at his feet for so long.

Romero said, “Let’s face it, Joe Biden is Kamala Harris’ meal ticket to potentially the presidency. She needs to go ahead and to keep putting out there for the public and especially potential other opponents that Joe Biden is running, because the longer that people can believe that myth, the greater the opportunity is that no other contender like [Gavin] Newsom or [Pete] Buttigieg or even Hillary Clinton might step into the fray.”

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Furthermore, a report from the Washington Examiner also found that several lobbyists under the Biden administration were turning more to Harris’s office to influence White House policies. Even as Biden remains a figurehead president, his Vice has prepared herself to take over from him, and the oblivious democrat President has no idea about this. 

The report from Washington Examiner adds that several groups and organizations have contracted lobbyists to influence Harris’s office. This faction lobbying Harris’s office includes representatives from the medical sector, tech firms and even energy groups. 

The report adds, “The numbers for Harris’s office mark a dramatic shift from the previous administration, during which a record 377 companies and interests lobbied Pence and his aides in the administration’s final year, up from 235 in 2017.”

According to this report, this has been ongoing since Harris’s first year in office. Last year over 100 interests were reported to have lobbied her office. Moreso, “while the number of lobbyists covering the president and vice president’s offices jumped after former President Donald Trump came into office, the increase was most stark for Pence’s office.”

According to CNN, things are not looking so good between the President of the Biden administration and his Vice, who wishes to replace him and probably overthrow him if the opportunity arises. Sources from the White House have told CNN that the mood between the duo is extremely chaotic. There are also rumors that Biden is planning to destroy Harris’s plan by kicking her out to a position at the Supreme court where she would not be able to nurse such ideas.

Now, things are also chaotic in the democratic party as it has been split into two factions, everything about Biden and his administration being divisive. There is now the Vice president’s part of the democratic party and the part that remains loyal to Biden. 

All that is left to do is to sit back and watch as this democratic movie plays out. If Biden does not run again in 2024, are there chances he will endorse his Vice?