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Revealed!!! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Not Invited To State Reception

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been blackballed from a reception held for members of the royal family and leaders around the world. More so, the Prince and his wife learnt about this development the same way everyone else did, through reports from the media.

The couple announced they wanted nothing to do with the monarchy and decided to pursue different paths for themselves in 2020. The Prince and his wife have supposedly been deemed inadmissible to this special event as they have already left the royal family and are no longer considered royals.

A spokesperson for King Charles III confirmed that the couple were not welcome at the event, which is scheduled to hold on Saturday as he said, “The invite is for working members of the royal family only.”

Media sources confirmed that the couple received an invitation to the event. However, they were not informed that it was just out of courtesy and are not welcome at the event. Another royal source told the media that the estranged couple was uninvited via press reports.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made quite the exit as they left the royal family, making it clear that they wanted nothing to do with the royal life and to become independent from the royal family. However, the duo kept their royal titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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The couple still holding on to certain benefits after saying they wanted nothing to do with the royal life did sit well with many people. Several civilians have protested for the couple to be stripped of their titles and any other benefits they still enjoy from the royal family.

Hilary Fordwich, a royal expert, told the media, “There has been a petition, a movement from the people of the county of Sussex, they’re supposed to represent, to remove them. Why? Because they’re taking the name, but they’re not doing anything for the people of Sussex. This is a dilemma.”

Not only have the couple not fulfilled their title roles, but they have also been making media rounds, engaging in liberal politics and throwing several accusations at the royal family, including that of racism. 

Fordwich added, “This is not a celebrity role. It is a role of duty. So you need to do your duty and then hold the title. Why would anybody want the title if they don’t want to do their duty to the people of the county of Sussex? You either do or you don’t. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Sources also asserted that the couple had been a menace to the royal family as they had taken it upon themselves to antagonize every action of the royal family and stand against the family. The source explained that even the royal family has been tiptoeing around the couple to avoid recurring topics in new media rounds. The source said, “The household seems to be terrified of upsetting or provoking Harry and Meghan.”