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Shameless Hillary Clinton Can’t Stop Lying About Her Emails

Hillary Clinton lies with the carelessness of a lifelong crook. Who’s to blame? Clinton’s tweets are false. 

Hillary claims Comey was mistaken about her classified emails. Once the former FBI director was out of office, he might have changed his mind. Comey never lied. After meticulously documenting Hillary’s violations of classified information regulations in July 2016, Comey let her off the hook, saying the FBI couldn’t prove intent. Clinton was negligent with vital material, he added. Comey certainly didn’t charge Hillary to avoid implicating the next president.

You’re naïve if you think Hillary, the “most qualified candidate ever,” accidentally put up a secret account to dodge government accountability. Per the FBI, Clinton exchanged 110 emails with explicitly labeled classified information; 36 included confidential info, and 8 contained “top secret” information. The FBI said Hillary should have known many other issues were classified, even if they weren’t tagged. Comey said at the time that hostile actors may have accessed Clinton’s email. The New York Times agreed. 

No proof has ever disproved or debunked this. Comey and others at the Justice Department never said Hillary’s server contained “0” sensitive emails. A 2019 State Department review determined that Hillary and her team may not have “systematically” utilized the server for communicating classified information, but they did participate in 600 security violations, including corresponding with partisan hacks like Sidney Blumenthal. 

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Clinton apologists’ assertion that she helped investigators is inaccurate. Clinton claimed in March 2015 that she “never sent or received classified material.” Hillary told reporters in September 2016 that her email controversy was “another conspiracy theory” while her team tried to remove evidence. Comey testified that Hillary’s staff “cleaned their devices to prevent complete forensic recovery.” No notion of “cooperation” includes destroying 30,000 emails with BleachBit and smashing cell phones with hammers. 

In 2018, Comey still said Clinton’s server emails weren’t intentional criminal behavior, admitting he should’ve worked harder to emphasize that it’s more than a simple mistake but not a criminal act. Even so, he never disputed the FBI’s assessment that the emails were classified. Given the FBI’s partisanship, that’s significant. 

Hillary blamed the “Comey letter” for her loss; instead of being thankful, she avoided indictment. Let’s not forget that the computer with sensitive emails that provoked the letter was discovered in the custody of Hillary’s senior aide’s sleazy husband. 

Krugman and others said the letter “rigged” the 2016 election. Hillary’s typical shady tactics or early admission and cooperation would have prevented the FBI letter. Comey had both an ethical and a legal obligation to notify Congress if new material appeared. 

Those who say Comey should have halted the probe believe the DOJ should have remained quiet about a probe to help a Democrat win the presidency. Dems expected this from the FBI. The revival of the Hillary email controversy is an attempt to hide the absurdity of people calling for Trump’s punishment for possessing secret documents.