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Shocking! Biden About To Spend $ 1 billion To Help Charge Cars!

The president of the Biden administration recently announced that almost $1 billion would be distributed to several states to help them build charging stations for electric vehicles. This move is to prepare for the president’s ridiculous plans to convert half of the cars in America to electric vehicles by 2030 and get rid of gas-fueled vehicles. 

This announcement came on Wednesday as Biden gave a speech at the North American Auto Show in Michigan. According to the presidents, the funds for these charging stations were previously included in the bipartisan infrastructure law last year. In the trillion-dollar law, about $5 billion was budgeted to account for creating these charging stations nationwide.

As he announced his plan on Wednesday, Biden gleefully told his audience that he was building the future of America, and the people of Michigan would be one of the first to experience this future. 

He said, “The middle class built America, and unions built the middle class. Nowhere is that more evident than right here in Michigan. We’re building the future of the electric vehicle.

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He added, “I’m pleased to announce we’re approving funding for the first 35 states, including Michigan, to build their own electric charging infrastructure throughout their state. You all are going to be part of a network of 500,000 charging stations throughout the country.”

Though Biden said this as though he is pushing this agenda for the middle-class American, many of these people cannot afford to buy or maintain these cars. The amount of time spent for a full car charge, the limited amount of charging stations nationwide and even the amount of yearly battery waste Biden’s plan will generate all screams of chaos and disaster.

The president further campaigned to the labor unions to gain their support, praising them for their dedication to their work and the skills they bring to the table. He continued to flatter them as he said that the most skilled auto workers in the world are from Michigan, and they have every reason to be proud of their craft.

He said, “We’re lucky to have the most skilled auto workers in the world, and that’s not hyperbole. The single most skilled auto workers in America are right here today. When you see these big projects in your hometowns — cranes going up, shovels in the ground, workers with hard hats on — I want you to feel the way I feel, and I really mean it: pride. Pride in what we can do when we do it together.”

To meet the goal of shifting vehicles in the nation from fuel-powered to electrically powered, Biden has also gone out of his way to sign several executive orders and implement several laws to prepare for this electric car menace no one asked for.At the moment, the united States owns over 650,000 vehicles and buys about 50,000 every year.