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Sickening: Far-Left “Comedians” Gloat after FBI Tracks Down Mike Lindell, Seizes His Phone

The FBI recently tracked down MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell while he was on a hunting trip and seized his cell phone in what many conservatives online called a clear attempt to intimidate the political opposition.

While conservatives went berserk over the incident, however, leftists gloated over the way the government was treating Mr. Lindell, a key Trump ally who has remained committed to investigating the 2020 election. The left’s late-night “comedians” got particularly involved in mocking Lindell for the FBI’s persecution of him.

Among them was Jimmy Kimmel, who laughed at the idea of the FBI following Lindell around him and trying to humiliate him with where they stopped him, saying:

 “Yeah. Or maybe you’re in an episode of “Mankato vice”. We don’t know. I have so many questions about this. Was the FBI following him? Or did they just say: ‘you know what, eventually, he’s going go to Hardee’s. We’ll just wait here.’

“I have an idea they followed him around for a few days and stopped him in the place that would make the funniest headline. Hardee’s felt the need to weigh in, now that you know we exist, you should really try our pillowy biscuits.”

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Also joining the mocking of Mike Lindell was Jimmy Fallon, who jumped in to laugh at both the same Hardee’s detail that Kimmel found so funny and the thought of Mr. Lindell in prison. Speaking on that, Fallon said:

Can’t believe someone paid $800 for that on cameo. Interesting. That’s right, the FBI surrounded him at a Hardee’s yep. He knew something was up when the intercom was like, “so that’s one burger, one drink, and step out of the car please, sir. Good luck to Mike Lindell, I’m not sure you want to go to jail being known as the MyPillow guy.

Not one to be left out in the mocking of those “deplorables” that he so obviously hates, Stephen Colbert jumped in to mock Mike Lindell as well, saying:

He runs everything off his cellphone? Is he selling pillows or meth? Listening to him talk, it’s hard to tell. In every appearance, Lindell emphasized that he really needs his phone.”

Mr. Lindell, commenting on what happened when the FBI surrounded him at the Mankato Hardee’s and providing details about the harrowing incident, said:

A car pulled perpendicular in front of me. Another one to my right. Another one came up behind me, all different kinds of cars. “I opened the door, I said ‘Who are you people?’ And they said, ‘We’re the FBI.’

Though many high-profile Republicans have backed off claims of voter fraud since the 2020 election and censorship surrounding claims regarding it, Mr. Lindell has continued devoting time and money to the cause of showing that the election has stolen, including both creating films about what he maintains happened and hosting events to speak on the matter and have other speak on the matter, perhaps providing insight into the reason for the FBI raid.

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