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Suspect In Death Of Former Alaska Lawmaker Indicted…Killer’s Identity Is Shocking

A grand jury in the state of Alaska has now indicted the son of a former lawmaker on charges of murder, manslaughter, and tampering with evidence in the death of his own father, former State Rep. Dean Westlake. Aside from a parent murdering their own child — which happens every single day by the thousands thanks to the heinous practice of abortion — the next most shocking crime, in my opinion, is hearing of a child killing their own parent. These are the people who gave you life and cared for you. Who sacrificed everything to provide for you and spend time with you. How can someone reject that love and respond to it with such hate?

According to a report from the Washington Times, Tallon Westlake was arrested earlier in August. The indictment, however, was released by the Department of Law in Alaska on Monday. The younger Westlake originally faced charges of manslaughter and tampering with evidence.

“According to the charging document, police found blood on Dean Westlake’s hands and feet, and his face was bruised and bloodied. Police also described a “heavy bleach smell” in the apartment and wet floors that appeared to have been recently mopped, the document said,” the report stated.

The Alaska Public Media reported, “But on Monday an Anchorage grand jury indicted Tallon Westlake on charges of first-degree murder — that is, for allegedly acting with intent in killing his father — and second-degree murder, under the alternate theory that he showed ‘extreme indifference’ to his father’s life.”

Assistant District Attorney Trina Sears commented on Tuesday that she could not speak about the new evidence that has come up and altered the charges Tallon Westlake is facing.

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“Even when somebody’s arrested, the investigation continues in the case. It doesn’t stop,” Sears went on to say. “And so, in this case, you know, between gathering evidence, medical evidence, police investigation just continued, and we just got more information.”

Here’s a bit more from the APM report:

According to the initial charges, Dean had planned to evict Tallon from an apartment Dean’s girlfriend owns. A neighbor heard them arguing hours before Tallon called police to say Dean wasn’t breathing, and officers found Dean dead, with blood on the floor and walls, looking like he’d been “pummeled,” the manslaughter charges say.

Sears, the prosecutor, said grand jurors heard additional evidence gathered after Tallon’s arrest when they indicted him on Monday.

Tallon Westlake remains jailed on $50,000 cash bail. His court-appointed attorney declined Tuesday to comment on the indictment.

Again, it’s so shocking to see a child murder his own parents. I can’t imagine how much anger, bitterness, and hatred one has to have inside to even consider such an action. If there’s a history of abuse it sort of makes more sense why there would be so much animosity. But what about cases where that kind of thing is missing? How does one explain the pure evil that you have to have in order to take the life of a family member? I guess we have to wonder if there really is an explanation for it, or if sometimes evil is just…there.