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Ted Cruz Reveals The Democrats’ Real Plan For Cancelling College Debts

Just months before the elections in November, the Biden administration suddenly decided to forgive student loans worth billions of dollars, and we wonder why. 

Biden’s administration couldn’t care less about the increasing crime rate, the spike in inflation, which makes everything unaffordable for Americans, and the new recession surfacing. Just a few months before the election, this same administration decided to forgive student loans, seemingly doing something for Americans for the first time.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has something to say about this sudden ‘kindness’ displayed by the democratic president. Like every other thing the democrats have done since the start of the Biden administration, this one is not exempted from their numerous political or personal agendas.

Cruz has opined that the only reason Biden could have chosen to do this, especially at such a strategic time, would be to influence election results in his favor. He said, “All of this could play badly for Democrats. But let me give you the flip argument – it may be a political master stroke.”

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On his podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz” on Friday, Cruz noted that this move by Biden holds real risk of driving Democratic turnout this midterm election season.

Cruz gave a hypothetical example to back his claim. He said, “If you are that slacker barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things, now has loans and can’t get a job, Joe Biden just gave you 20 grand.”

According to the Education Data Initiative, on average, borrowers in the United States owe $37,667 in student loans. The exact amount owed per individual varies according to degree and location.

The president announced a loan forgiveness plan this week. According to him, this plan targets individuals who earn less than $125,000 a year. It could help each reduce their loan payments by $10,000. In addition, Pell grant recipients can receive relief of up to $20,000.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona claimed, “For too many people, student loan debt has hindered their ability to achieve their dreams including buying a home, starting a business, or providing for their family. Getting an education should set us free; not strap us down! That’s why, since Day One, the Biden-Harris administration has worked to fix broken federal student aid programs and deliver unprecedented relief to borrowers.”

Cruz pointed out that $20,000 is a lot of money for anybody, more than enough to buy votes. Even an American who had no voting plans prior to this handout would immediately become grateful to the Biden administration for once. This American can even go as far as campaigning for Biden and urging others to vote for the democrats because he just received a big handout.

Cruz added, “Like, holy cow! 20 grand. You know, maybe you weren’t gonna vote in November, and suddenly you just got 20 grand. And you know, if you can get off the bong for a minute and head down to the voting station. Or just send in your mail-in ballot that the Democrats have helpfully sent you, it could drive up turnout, particularly among young people.”

Besides the fact that this move is very insensitive to people who have managed to pay off their loans all by themselves, it is also guaranteed to affect taxpayers, especially the ones who will not receive the relief. However, the Biden administration only cares about winning the election and staying as the American president for the next four years.