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Tell Fauci To Look Away as He Won’t Like How Megyn Kelly Just Destroyed Him

Megan Kelly started her show on Wednesday by calling Fauci out and telling him why he does not deserve to ever be reappointed to an important position. This came after the news that Anthony Fauci was resigning from his role. 

Megan, in her podcast, presented clips of all the falsehoods she said Fauci had told during the covid pandemic and in the entirety of his career at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

She said, “The truth is that Dr. Fauci, who had a greater hand than anyone in causing Americans to lose their jobs, years of learning, and even their lives — thanks to the social and economic upheaval he helped foist upon us during the pandemic — ought to be ashamed to show his face in polite society. Instead the man is self-congratulatory.”

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After playing a clip of the director giving a speech about integrity and truth, she responded by saying even that was a lie just like every other thing he has said. 

She also called him out on his refusal to speak the truth. The director had ignored studies and research proving that he was lying to Americans, always refusing to comment after getting discovered. More so, he had declared every critique as mere anti-science.


Fauci had claimed that wearing masks would prevent the spread of the virus during the coronavirus pandemic and made it mandatory. However, he recently admitted that he only mandated masking up because it symbolized the pandemic experience.

She added, “What science evolved on the wearing of masks? Something you admit you knew you were lying about at the time you first publicly commented. What science evolved on the vaccination level needed to allegedly get us to herd immunity?”

Kelly also recalled how Fauci had promised that herd immunity would be reached at 70% vaccination status. After almost reaching that target, the director decided to change his words and state it would be about 80 percent.

Kelly added that the director had ridiculed the idea of natural immunity despite agreeing that it was the gold standard years back. Due to his vaccine mandate, many unvaccinated American adults lost their sources of livelihood.

In addition, Kelly pointed out that the director’s biggest lie so far was when he previously swore that his group at the NIH never funded research in China. This research had allegedly experimented on the virus with bats. More so, this experimentation was not to find a cure, but to make the virus more dangerous or easily transmissible to people.

Kelly added that putting Fauci in a position of power would be really detrimental as he is expected to even do worse. The agitated host went on to urge Americans to pray against such recurrence, recalling all the evils Fauci did when Americans were most vulnerable.

She added that he has destroyed any trust Americans once had in the public health sector and has hurt people severely with his falsehood.

Ending her section about Fauci, she said, “Good riddance, Dr. Fauci. You are not the truth, and you will not be missed.”