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Texas Stops Smuggler Plane Full of Illegal Migrants from Landing in Major U.S. City

“Don’t Mess With Texas” was acted out in real life when the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) stopped two smugglers from flying a chartered plane filled with illegal migrants headed to Houston from a small town on the southern border. A DPS pilot was clued into the smuggling attempt and arrested the two human traffickers in the town of Edinburgh before the plane could take off.

From there the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) took over and became embroiled in two vehicle chases, leading to a DPS van being hit. Prior to the crash, the two vehicles had stopped and multiple people fled the vehicles to nearby brush where they were then arrested, according to official reports.  Thirteen noncitizens from the Dominican Republic and El Salvador were arrested by border patrol agents.

Management of the U.S. southern border has been a disaster on the federal level, with Vice President Kamala Harris shirking her responsibility as ‘border czar’ since she was appointed to the role by Sleepy Joe last year.  Her only attempt at resolving the crisis was a visit to an El Paso border patrol station in June 2021, hundreds of miles from where the majority of illegal migrants are crossing.

The Daily Caller reports that “CBP authorities have encountered over 1,900.000 migrants at the southern border between October and July, according to agency statistics. In December 2021, a small airplane crashed in Presidio, Texas, where a pilot attempted to smuggle illegal migrants, according to KFOX14.”

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It’s become so bad that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott instituted a high-priority initiative called Operation Lone Star to address the surge in illegal migrants crossing the border, and the refusal of the Brandon Administration to address the reality of the crisis.  Abbott commandeered a slew of state resources to help Department of Public Safety officials manage the influx of people, many of whom are connected to Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers.  In March 2021 Abbott’s office released a statement on Operation Lone Star, revealing that it “integrates DPS with the Texas National Guard and deploys air, ground, marine, and tactical border security assets to high threat areas to deny Mexican Cartels and other smugglers the ability to move drugs and people into Texas.”

But Sleepy Joe’s handlers and enablers continue to deny there is a crisis at the border. The useless Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas vehemently denied the existence of a surge of illegals crossing the border and therefore a crisis, instead calling the situation a “challenge.”

And trying-so-hard-but-failing-miserably Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) denied that illegal migrants are walking across the border as alleged by intrepid FoxNews reporter and White House correspondent Peter Doocy. Doocy asked KJP why Novak Djokovic, a champion tennis player from Serbia, isn’t allowed into the U.S. because he has not received the vax, whereas illegal migrants can cross the border and enter the country with impunity. The Press Secretary insisted that The U.S. Open is subject to CDC guidelines, but apparently, the border is not. She went on to say that Brandon inherited the non-existent border crisis from his predecessor, President Donald Trump, then added criticism over Trump’s border wall plan.

“It’s not that simple. It’s not like people are just walking across the border,” she said. “We have a plan in place. This is not switching the lights on, right? This is gonna take a process, we are fixing a broken system that was actually left by the last administration and as it relates to the tennis star, that is totally different, that is a different process, that is the U.S. Open that he is apart of and there are a CDC federal guidance that he needs to follow.”