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The Biden Policy that’s So Bad Even Geraldo the RINO Can Agree It’s a Disaster

It’s amazing that Geraldo is still employed by Fox News, as he’s seemingly become even more of a RINO as the rest of the Fox News personalities have become even more conservative, or at least pretended to be more conservative, in the Trump years and their aftermath.

Yet even he is not a completely brain-dead leftist, as came during a recent, bicker-filled segment on Fox News in which he was pitted against Bongino and Hannity.

During that show, Geraldo came around on one topic, with Hannity cheering him for doing so, skewering the Biden Administration policy so terrible that even he jumped on board attacking it.

That policy was Biden’s stance on American oil production, about which Geraldo said:

“It is — it is — that baffles me. I think it is a symbol, a very clear symbol of the dysfunction of the Biden Administration. The fact that we cut off domestic production is ridiculous.

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Hannity, cheering Geraldo’s stance on the issue, jokingly saidWe have finally converted him. This is a big night.

That wasn’t all that Geraldo was able to agree on with the others. They were also able to agree that nuclear power is a good idea, something that seems like common sense but the supposedly “green” left can’t get behind despite the lack of emissions from nuclear plants and incredible amount of energy produced by them.

The agreement started with something of a disagreement, with Geraldo sparking a reaction from Hannity by asking “Do you believe that electric vehicles — are electric vehicles inevitable? We’re at 10% now more or less. Are they inevitable?

Hannity, pushing back on the idea that EVs are inevitable, saidAre electric vehicles inevitable? The entire battery capacity in the entire world right now, Geraldo, could power the world for how long? The answer is 75 seconds. So the answer is, are they inevitable? No. Until they figure out how to power the world more than 75 seconds with battery power —

It was then that the agreement between the hosts came, with Geraldo then asking How about nuclear power? How about nuclear power?“, to which Bongino responded by saying “Nuclear works. It’s great. It’s a great idea. There you go, we agree.

Hannity agreed as well, saying Yeah, I’m all for nuclear power. I have no problem with nuclear power, but the environmental — they are not going to allow that.

Watch them here:

Further, Geraldo even attacked the administration’s EV push as sounding like it was coming from Marie Antoinette, saying:

I thought Pete sounded very Marie Antoinette-y, the queen of France who was beheaded because she said ‘Let them eat cake.’ He sounded a lot like that. ‘Too bad you can’t buy an electric vehicle, you should if you can.’”

But then he took a tact back to the left on the global warming and EV issue, saying:

“I think electric vehicles are inevitable. I lament the hypocrisy of people like John Kerry flying around in his big jet at the same time he laments global warming. I do think the planet it’s getting warmer, however, and I do think we should reasonably take action internationally to do something about it. No one country, Kerry was right in that regard can solve climate change.

So Geraldo is still far from actually being conservative and is something of a RINO. But it’s impressive that Biden is doing a bad enough job that even Hannity and Geraldo can agree that his policies are a mess.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List