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The End of Manchin Might Be Near After Taking Sides With Biden

The reign of democrat senator Joe Manchin is seemingly finally coming to an end following his role in Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act’s passage.

Before ridiculously pushing for this bill, he had the support of a majority of the voters in West Virginia, as a poll conducted earlier this year showed that 57%of these voters approved of his senatorial work. However, these voters who approved of him are now seeing the light that Manchin does not care about them. 

This bill which benefits no American, was pushed and promoted by this same senator who claimed to be fighting for the rights of his people. Apparently, the people Manchin is advocating for are only himself, and his party and the voters can see that now.

A new survey conducted by the West Virginia radio station found that his approval rating, which used to be 57%, has drastically reduced to 26%. When Americans who used to support him start seeing the increases in their taxes and continually get audited by the IRS agents who are now allowed to carry weapons and use violence, the story can only get worse for Manchin. It is only expected that Manchin’s approval rating would still drop into the negatives when Americans feel the consequences of his actions.

Americans have enough time to see these consequences for themselves and understand Manchin’s intentions as he is not expected to face reelection till 2024. By 2024, only a miracle would help Manchin to convince voters that he helped to reduce the inflation crisis when his signature is one of the most important ones on legislation which would only increase it.

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Even if Manchin were to face reelection at the moment, he would flawlessly lose this election if these recent polls are to be followed. The polls say that if Manchin were to face reelection against either West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey or Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV), he would lose that election.

Though it might be hard to believe, the democrat senator is not exactly silly enough to throw away his spot in the Senate just to help Biden, who is not exactly known to be loyal. The said bill, which might also be the cause for his downfall, is also just as inconsequential for him. Though he would gain a lot of money from it, it is highly doubtful that that would make him willing to through away his entire career. 

Manchin’s primary purpose for pushing for this legislation despite all that is at stake might be based on a deal he made with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. This deal is on a different bill that would complete a pipeline to West Virginia and make some federal adjustments that drive up the cost of the legislation.

Regardless, it is still silly of him to believe that his party’s socialites will allow that bill to pass. All roads at this point lead to Manchin’s failure in his political career, and if he does not realize this year, then he probably lives in another reality, just like his president.