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“The Numbers are Atrocious”: Former ICE Director SOUNDS OFF On Biden Border Disaster [WATCH]

Besides Bidenflation and fuel prices so high they’re even making some people look with glances other than contempt at bikes and electric vehicles, if there’s one thing that Biden is so far known for it is the utter disaster at the border, where a tidal wave of humanity is flowing across as the Border Patrol does nothing to stop them and in some cases even helps them.

Well, Tom Homan, the former director of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, appeared on Fox News to rip into the utter disaster along the southern border, describing the massive number of criminals who have crossed and how few of even the dangerous criminals among them have been arrested despite that massive number of border crossers.

Speaking on that and using cold, hard facts to make his point, Mr. Homan said:

“In 2020, the last year under Trump, they arrested 65,000. And these are people that are dangerous: drugs, assault, sex, assault, robbery, homicide, kidnappings. They arrested 65,000 of them. Under Biden, they arrested 5,900. They’re down 90 percent. So the arrest numbers are down 90 percent.

You add to that ICE released 14,000 criminals to the street last year because they were told to by DHS. And on top of all of this, the Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, the legal arm of ICE, the attorneys that prosecute deportation cases, they have literally closed thousands upon thousands of cases, just said ‘no, we’re not going to deport them, we’re going to end the cases,’ and they just stopped them. So this is far from true.

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ICE has been decapitated. Their numbers are atrocious. They’ve arrested less people than I’ve ever seen in the history of this agency.”

Watch Mr. Homan discuss the crisis at the border here:

So that’s not good news, particularly considering that two million or more illegals crossed the border last year and things are looking even worse this year.

Also on Fox News discussing the migration crisis was Jesse Watters, who joked that the mobs of illegals flooding America are likely slowing down lesson plans but that schools are getting better soccer teams out of it, saying:

“If you’re a parent in Manhattan, I’d be even more angry because my child, it was lost a year during Covid and so you’re already behind and now you’re putting like five migrants into your fourth-grade classroom. They don’t really speak English.

Don’t you think that’s going to slow the lesson plan down? I mean, you might get a better soccer team out of it. I’m sure the coaches are asking Abbott to send buses faster before the season starts.

But, though Watters’ joke is quite funny, the problem is a real one: migrants are flooding across the border and overwhelming communities and the resources provided by those communities.

The dereliction of duty at the border that Team Biden has so far stood for is a huge problem, one that is leading to America being swamped by millions and millions of people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

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