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The US Government might be the biggest ‘purveyor’ of disinformation: Rep. Jim Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, discusses the border crisis and President Biden creating a new group to tackle ‘disinformation’ but then turns the tables on the United States government and suggests the White House is literally the biggest purveyor of misinformation there is.


President Joe Biden’s administration had the DHS launch the misinformation board which was immediately mocked. Critics suggested that DHS should worry about the border and not random misinformation they find on the Internet.

Critics also laughed at the Biden administration for launching a misinformation board as members of our own government called out the American government, suggesting that no one provided more misinformation than the United States government itself – according to Rep. Jim Jordan in the video above.

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If anyone needs to have a misinformation check-up, then it’s certainly every politician out there who most likely lies to the American people and runs campaigns on broken promises. If that’s not a variation of misinforming the people of one thing, then disappointing them later, then what is? It may not be classified as misinformation, but it may as well be a variant of it.

Take a look at people like Elizabeth Warren who lied all her life about being a Native American. Her whole existence is based on misinformation, is it not?