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The View is at It Again! Makes Disgusting Assumption About Jesus Following LGBTQ Club Shootings

By now, we all know about the absolutely senseless, tragic shooting at the Colorado Springs gay nightclub. So much needless violence and loss of life. Details aren’t exactly clear about the motive or really even who the shooter is, but it’s already being assumed by the left and the fake media that he is some sort of right-wing extremist sent by Donald Trump and the Republicans to murder gays. As usual, the left tripped over itself in its rush to politicize the shootings. The families and law enforcement can’t be left to do their jobs and grieve without disgusting leftist talking heads postulating on the motive and labeling it domestic terrorism and a hate crime. Sometimes crazy people get guns! Colorado has red flag laws, and the shooter had been reported to have mental health issues, so ostensibly he shouldn’t have even been able to buy a gun. Alas, the system failed, and here we are once again as a party, having to distance ourselves from a crazy person.

Thankfully we have The View and the loony lefties on the show to say something so ridiculous and offensive that it takes some of the focus off of Trump and the likely real motive, mental illness. Check this out.

As the show’s panel members discussed the Saturday night murders, which left five people dead and more than 20 wounded, Sunny Hostin made a head-turning claim about Jesus.

“That’s why I’m so sad. I don’t know that they hide behind religion because I said this on this show once before: Jesus would be the grand martial at the pride parade.”

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So let me get this straight, pun unintended; it’s ok to say something stunningly offensive to Christians and laughably ridiculous to anyone with a functioning brain, but if the opposite were said to the effect of ‘Jesus probably wanted the gay people dead,’ whoever made that equally stupid assertion would probably be drawn and quartered in the town square. Yet where is the blowback for the babbling twits on The View?

I have no doubt that Jesus would love and minister to gay people as he loved everyone. He probably would also gently let them know that his pops isn’t real pleased with them and show them home movies of Sodom and Gomorrah. If Jesus is to be in any parade, it’s riding with Santa at the Christmas parade. Never one to be out-dumbed, Whoopi had this to say.

“If they scare you so much, leave them alone. When stuff scares me, I leave it alone. If I don’t want to be bothered, I don’t go there. See? That’s the problem. You don’t want to just have your feelings. You want everybody else to join you, and you know what? You can – you can scream, you can cuss, you can do all the things that you say, but you know what? Gay people are here.

I guess she thinks anything the left throws “phobia” behind automatically means people are literally scared of it. Snakes? Fine. Spiders? Check. Gay and trans people? Yea, not so much. Ironically, she managed to point out the fatal problem with her argument. Accidentally, of course. Gay people are here, and the vast, overwhelming majority of people simply don’t care. It pisses liberals and militant LGBTQ air force members off that most people don’t care. So, we go from acceptance and tolerance to forced celebration. As Whoopi accidentally pointed out, we let gay people have their feelings, but everyone is supposed to join in. Which community is doing the screaming and the cussing? It’s not the community that just wants to be left alone to live their lives.

Regardless of where one stands on the LGBTQ issue, rhetoric and ignorance like that displayed by The View cheapens what happened to the innocent victims in Colorado Springs. Pretty sure Jesus would sign off on that assertion.