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Those Attacking The Rotten FBI are Not in The Wrong

Trump supporters are being slammed as inadequately “pro-law and order” by the media, Democrats, and some weak-kneed Republicans for pointing out that the FBI has repeatedly proven to be yet another crooked and nearly worthless bureaucracy. 

On Friday, the ever-astute James Hohmann of the Washington Post wrote, “So much for backing the blue.

Whatever point there is to be made here is completely idiotic. The inclusion of ex-Vice President Mike Pence was the icing on the cake. Last week he made a claim in New Hampshire that the Republican Party supports law and order. “Our party stands with the men and women who serve on the thin blue line at the federal, state, and local levels. These attacks on the FBI must stop.

As ludicrous as that sounds, if you have been keeping up with the astonishingly rapid decline of the FBI’s credibility, it should still surprise you. Below is a brief rundown of its recent successes: 

First, this year marks the first time FBI agents have ever conducted a raid on the residence of a former president, who has been subjected to more scrutiny by the FBI than any other president in history. According to the most recent reports, it was to retrieve “social media information” and “official government business” files that Trump White House staff “had done on their private electronic messaging accounts.”

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According to the New York Times, the situation is as dire as it sounds from tweets and official notes. As much as the practice of illegally retraining federal property is hectic and annoying, this whole thing should have been a drawn-out legal battle that ends with the courts just ordering Trump to hand over anything that isn’t his. Repeatedly, if necessary. That is how our judicial system works. Remember that it took the entire presidential campaign for Empress Hillary and her minions to print countless copies — on actual paper! —of the classified documents she had illegally kept secret after her time as secretary of state. It took forever, but the FBI officers didn’t break into her home.

Secondly, the FBI is currently on trial for criminal charges related to a conspiracy to kidnap a sitting governor. The FBI used both informants and agents to carry out the plot, as well as providing financial support. These aren’t allegations; to be clear, these are proven facts that have been upheld in legal proceedings.

Furthermore, federal agents lied to acquire warrants to conduct surveillance on Trump’s campaign, there is overwhelming evidence that officials involved were openly hostile to his 2016 presidential bid, and the FBI relied on concocted materials from Trump’s political rivals to justify its probe, according to a review of the bureau’s desperate inquiry into Trump’s connections to Russia.

Lastly, there have been countless instances where a perpetrator was already on the FBI’s “radar” but still managed to kill and maim countless innocent people. 

The FBI, like every other federal institution, has been running an ongoing effort to exacerbate racial tensions by exaggerating the supposed threat posed by “white supremacists.” In 2019, two of the FBI’s high-ranking officials conveyed a declaration to Congress on “confronting white supremacy,” in which they gave testimony that “individuals adhering to racially motivated violent extremism ideology have been responsible for the most lethal incidents among domestic terrorists in recent years.

Almost nothing the government has released into the public domain supports this assertion. They will often cite a large number of “incidents” without providing any references, or they may provide examples that have nothing to do with white supremacy. 

Unless it’s corruption, encouraging such extreme incompetence is not pro-law enforcement. The opposite is true. It turns out the most patriotic, pro-law and order act you can do is attack the corrupt FBI.