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‘Torturous’ Hospital Threatened to Call Child Services on Candace Owens for Refusing This

Conservative commentator Candace Owens has claimed that staff at a Nashville hospital refused to allow her to leave with her healthy new-born daughter until they had taken blood from the baby.

Owens, 32, who gave birth to her second child, Louise on July 13 said medical staff at the Saint Thomas Hospital gave her “24 hours of torture” after she declined to take antibiotics and contraction-inducing drugs as she went into labor.

“I had been very vocal about not wanting to be loaded up with unnecessary drugs during labor,” she said.

“The doctor wanted me to take antibiotics.

“Because I declined, they wanted me to stay in the hospital for 48 hours – and big coincidence, that’s the maximum amount that insurance will cover.”

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After the birth of Louise, who Candice added was a very healthy baby, had been born, the podcast host said she was confused when medics insisted on drawing blood from the baby. Staff were so insistent to perform the procedure that they allegedly threatened to call Child Protective Services.

Candace, who is an African American conservative, often irks liberals with her right-wing, no-nonsense stance and her anti-identity politics outlook. She suspects that the hospital had deliberately tried to keep her and the infant on the ward for over 48-hours so that her stay would not be covered by insurance.

As the experienced mother tried to leave, a pediatrician approached her and her British husband, George Farmer, to say that she “watched a baby die in the 47th hour because her parents refused to stay”.

According to most medical websites, it is usual and safe for a healthy mom who did not have a caesarean section and baby to leave the hospital between 6 and 24 hours after birth.

In further attempts to coerce Candace to remain in hospital, she alleges staff claimed that her insurance would not cover her visit if she left the hospital. An on-site social worker then asked the couple to sign a document which said that Child Protective Services could visit their home if they left hospital against the doctor’s orders.

Disgracefully, a head nurse allegedly informed Candace that she may even be “charged with a misdemeanor” for taking the healthy bundle of joy home.

She said that after this, hospital staff began to purposefully distress her and the baby girl, knocking on the door throughout the night to do “check-ins” while she and the baby slept and, according to Candace, a male nurse even undressed the sleeping infant to weigh the “naked” infant on a “cold scale”.

“We need to start to realize what the medical industry is and what it has become – a wire discussion in the era of Covid,” said Candace.

“So many parents and woman go through that, not in control of their child, feeling threatened. Doing that show will allow me to continue that discussion.

“Guaranteed dollars – hearing test, blood test, getting temperature taken – when you get your bill that’s why. All can be done in a pediatrician’s office – they just want money. 

“You’re no longer able to make a decision about your child, about yourself.”